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Olympic City by Drock625
Olympic City
Olympic City

For a project in class.

But this is no ordinary project.

This deviation I'm submitting for DA is supposedly supposed to be a movie poster, or at least a wannabe movie poster for my screenplay I'm currently writing. Its my original story, my original characters, but they will be mixing with real life gangsters.

It takes place in a fictional city I call Olympic City, and it takes place during the 1920s during the prohibition era. It has my original characters, and real life gangsters like Al Capone, and Lucky Luciano. My characters interact with them and so does my city entirely.

My plan for this film is to be an animated movie... yes an animated gangster flick, and I am hoping Disney would give me the money to make this. But I'm guessing they'd be scared shitless if I present them this story. An animated gangster flick, that is not only inspired by real gangsters, but also one of the greatest movies ever made "The Godfather"

The character you see in the center is named Leonzio Rossellini, and he is the head of the Rossellini crime family. The most powerful crime family in Olympic City. With Prohibition, They're made even more powerful.

But there will be some turn of events in this that will put them to the test.

This is also inspired by the great HBO show "Boardwalk Empire"

Scarface (Disney...ish) by Drock625
Scarface (Disney...ish)
Alphonse Capone
You also know him as Al Capone...

Again I tried making him a little more disney like for my gangster animated film but yeah... waddayagonnado?

Lucky (Disney version... Ish) by Drock625
Lucky (Disney version... Ish)
This is:
Salvatore Luciana
AKA Charlie Luciano
AKA Lucky Luciano

He was a gangster that started in the prohibition era and became the Godfather of organized crime. He allegedly found organized crime after he killed off Joe the Boss Massaeria and his nemesis Maronzanno.

This is a disney...ish version I tried making it a little disney because I'm writing a gangster animated film script so yeah... I don't know what do you think?

PS: Also got inspirations from BOARDWALK EMPIRE
One of the greatest shows on television right now.

You see Disney?!!?!!? THIS is how you make a well thought out story!!!!


I know this review is late, but you're gonna want to hear me out on this one ;)
Welcome back ladies and gents! Today we will be reviewing… How To Train Your Dragon 2.

I snuck into HTTYD2 after watching Jersey Boys that’s a good movie too in fact:

Great music, good movie. ;)

Well, in reality after that movie I went to sneak into Transformers Age of Extinction…. F(BEEP)KING TERRIBLE F(BEEP)KING MOVIE!!!!!! No seriously, that movie is just Bad Bad BAD, boring as shit, characters you don’t give a shit about, even transformers themselves you don’t give a shit about its just BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, OH MY GOD action scene after action scene after action scene, GODDAMN ITS SO BORING!!!!! This movie managed to be more boring than Man Of Steel, and that movie was bad too. nuh uh, I walked out of there after like what? 30 minutes. And people walked out with me too; seriously people are walking out of this movie because it’s just Michael Bay Bullshit.

But after that I snuck into HTTYD 2, and stayed, and here’s what I have to say about it.

How to train your dragon 2? Nah… more like How to make a good sequel! This movie is your textbook on animated sequels.


Few months ago Disney came out with Frozen. And we all know that movie was only an okay movie, but by no means a great one. If you want to see me explain myself a little bit more, click…


But continuing on, like I said, Disney comes out with Frozen… DreamWorks however, comes out with a far superior movie How To Train Your Dragon 2, and boy I tell you, this is as good, if not a little bit better than the original. You know what, I’m going to go ahead and say it, but I would call this movie the “Godfather Part II” of DreamWorks animated movies.

Yeah I went there. As we all know The Godfather Part 2 is considered by the entire world to be the greatest sequel ever made. And I agree, no other sequels have come close to the godfather part two. It is however, the very first sequel to win Best Picture and one of only two sequels ever to win best picture, The second one being “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.”

How To Train Your Dragon 2, is by far the best sequel DreamWorks Animation has come up with, yes even better than Shrek 2, which is why I am calling it the “Godfather Part 2 of DreamWorks Animation” Am I gonna call it the “Godfather Part two of animation in general?” Well… there is still Toy Story 2, and Pixar is on a whole other level so I possibly wouldn't give HTTYD2 that title, But for only DreamWorks Animation? Yes.

This movie has some new things in it, that is new dragons and characters that is, and a great transformation of the characters. But the most amazing one is Hiccup. Watch as this scrawny little kid you know and love, transform into a hot guy for the ladies. (no I’m not gay)

Getting Fan girls, DreamWorks is doing it right ;).  

Looks like Jack’s got some competition. He has a problem though, his movie was a failure.

Alright let’s get the actual review started.

First off let’s look at the story.

It all starts off with a little game of dragon racing. We have exposition by narration (again) with Hiccup updating us to the situation at the small island town of Burk. The story takes place five years later from the events of the first film. And everything seems to be interesting as we are given a tour, rather fun tour that is, through Burk. Everything has been upgraded to all you can eat buffets. I’m getting kind of hungry now.

Again, like in the first movie, this is a very well thought out process of letting the audience know of the current situation here at burk, and from the looks of it is a happy situation. People are having fun a sh[beep]t. And we see the main kid characters from the first movie playing the dragon racing game. From this we can see that the two boys, Snotlout played by Jonah Hill, and Fishlegs played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, are going after the only available girl in the group, Ruffnut, played by Kristen Wiig. But she is not having any of that. XD

With this, we are getting to know the older versions of the characters, we’ve seen that they’ve matured a little…… well… on the outside.

The Twins are still ridiculously stupid like they were in the first movie, as well as the other boys, and normally that would be a problem. If you have a sequel with the same characters, you’d normally want to do something different with them, or go a different route, but at the same time, it could also ruin the characters if it’s not well executed. So DreamWorks decided to stay the same route, and that works too so to keep the comedy in it, for young kids that is.

We are also given the hint that Astrid’s relationship with Hiccup has developed along these years. You can see that with the HTTYD tv series. I’ve not seen that, nor plan to.

Astrid scores the black sheep in the goal and now…….

We are going into another flight scene between the now mature Hiccup, and his equally matured Toothless.

Again… the flight scene is incredible and I was enjoying it, in regular 2D. Okay before you guys or girls say “you should’ve watched it in 3d, its like so amazing.” Know this, the only movies that are TRULY meant for 3d, is Gravity and Avatar, and those NASA documentaries filmed in Imax. Take “IMAX Hubble 3D” about the very last mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. Things like that are meant for 3D. I’m not spending extra money for a cartoon.

As for the movie, the flight scene in this movie sort of reminded me of “Top Gun” but instead of a hot guy flying a sweet as jet, a hot guy is flying a dragon.

I mean, Imagine this scene mixed with Danger Zone:

(mute this one)



Or you know what? You guys can keep those, Imma go fly me a P-51 MUSTANG!!!!!!!

HELL F[BEEP]KING YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:sing: Highway to the Danger Zone

:sing: Ride into the Danger Zone


If you kind of think about it, Hiccup and Toothless went into a danger zone, because he was about to crash into a towering rock.

Toothless saves him though and then Hiccup finally takes of his mask (fangirls cheering) Oh shut up.

This scene is one of the movies strongest parts. Again we seen the friendship between these two, as the scene progresses on. I can’t get enough of toothless facial expression though, they seem so human even though he’s a animal but it works because its pretty funny. Hiccups says “looks like we found another one.”

Toothless: Seriously?

Anyways the two engage in a playfull wrestling match, like any guys would do. Then Astrid comes in after Hiccup has fixed up a map to add an additional landmark.

And this is where the character development here is at its peak, at least between these two. If you look at them, you’ll obviously notice how very human they are. They’re having a good conversation like normal people at least I think, would. Hiccup starts impersonating his dad by mimicking his Scottish accent. Then Astrid starts making fun of him. This scene is very well handled, it was fun listening to these people talk, and I feel more comfortable to call them people, because that’s how they act, like real people. Animation has, or been having, the potential to make animated characters seem like live action characters, and this is one of the best examples of that. Oh and we see the dragons playing around, and even that is fantastically done. It shows them what they really are, animals.

Moving on, they talk about Hiccup becoming a chief, and his father is gonna give him a hard time. Then I’m like, are you kidding me? is this movie seriously going to go that route where the parent is putting so much pressure on the child, and the child doesn’t want that responsibility and BLAH BLAH BLAH? Well we’ll get to that later.

Now we’ve moved to a scene where they’ve discovered a giant ice berg covering a fortress of some kind. 

This also introduces us to new characters. One of them named Eret, played by John Snow, AKA Kit Harington.

We now know his character is hostile, and we are given a hint that there is this new enemy named Drogo…… or Billy Drago, or just Drago.

They also hint that their dragons are being stolen from this mysterious dragon rider whom nobody knows who it is…. It’s his mother, how do we know that? Well BECAUSE THE F[BEEP]KING TRAILERS SPOILED IT!!!!

But then we continue back to burk after they had escaped.

And then we’re doing the whole “parent won’t listen to the son cliché.” I swear, the son is trying to tell him something, and his dad doesn’t listen and just keeps trying to teach him how to become a chief, and I was like “are you seriously going through this cliché again? You did this in the last movie.” 

But surprisingly enough, it really didn’t go that much into it.

Then his father really prepares the town for yet another war. And yet again there is the “protagonist knows the mysterious potential bad guy” cliché. And then we’re taken into a flashback and blah blah blah blah blah, he’s the bad guy who can control dragons. Yep, what else is new? Oh yeah, that’s right, absolutely nothing.

It is a good idea though.

Anyways now Hiccup goes back to the ship, Astrid follows, and both surrender and are taken prisoners. AT this point the character has been changed into more of a sarcastic like character, or not really sarcastic, but you guys get what I mean.

He wants to change Drago’s mind about dragons.

Sure enough his dad has to ruin everything, as always the parent has to ruin everything. They discuss whether Hiccup can change his mind, but his father is against it.

Again, the drama here is very well done, the cartoon characters talk like they’re actual people, and by seeing this, the character development works. Hiccup is all about peace, but his father doesn’t think Drago is a man capable of peace. His father is more on the negative side, but realistic as well.

But anyways lets fast forward because we’re taking too long here.

His mother, Valka, played by the Virgin Queen AKA Cate Blanchett, is unsurprisingly revealed (again, F[BEEP] YOU TRAILERS, F[BEEP] YOU!!!)

This part would’ve been surprising if the trailers had not spoiled like almost the entire movie. Seriously, why would you reveal the mysterious rider is his mother in the trailer if you want to make it mysterious? Dumbest move ever!

Now the relationship between Hiccup and his mother is very obvious. The chemistry between these two is very well thought out and executed. She doesn’t just say she’s his mother but the movie actually does the things that makes us feel convinced that these two are mother and son. The things they’re doing together, his mother showing him new things, even on Toothless. And some of the new dragons are amazing, especially the one that Valka rides.

Valka introduces us to The King Of ALL Dragons…… is it Godzilla? Nah, he’s the King of the Monsters in general. Nope it is the Bewilderbeast? Seriously dreamworks, you cannot come up with a cooler name you just have to alternate wildebeest? Ah what the hell this dragon looks awesome. But like I said, introducing is in this world of Dragons is very interesting. Granted it isn’t new in any way shape or form, but Dreamworks is letting their imagination show by giving us  a loving view of dragons instead of a violent view.  And by doing this, the chemistry between the mother and her son is achieved.

Some things are repeated in this movie from the first movie, like Valka drawing on the snow, and Toothless doing the same thing, but his tongue gets stuck on the ice.

Not only is the chemistry developed between these two, but the characters of the dragons are more developed as well. Cloudjumper especially. In a world where humans and dragons are enemies, this dragon is actually more intelligent than what the Vikings give them credit for, and it shows it.

See showing it is what makes this movie so beautiful. The facial expressions on even the animals count so much, and this would be a movie that can showcase animation as more than just a genre, nowadays Animation is only considered a genre because of bad  movies, and especially last year. 2013 was the worst year for animation, the best movie were Despicable Me 2, and The Wind Rises (however it is considered a 2014 film, but it came out in 2013 in Japan, GREAT movie) all other movies are just okay, Frozen was WAY overhyped, people say “ah its new, it’s so great.” I saw how rushed that movie was, and how underdeveloped their characters were, and I’m like “really? You guys thought this was a great movie?”

Anyways back to HTTYD2

Now Eret has taken the gang to see Drago. Oh by the way


Astrid: Never take a Toy from a dragon. Don’t you know anything.


You know nothing John Snow.


Sorry had to make a Game Of Thrones reference there.


Anyways, the ships in this scene is amazing, but that’s not why I’m here, we finally get to see the ominous, and possibly one of DreamWorks’ best villains Drago, voiced by Djimon Hounsou. Wait a minute, this guy? Hell yeah I liked him in Gladiator, and Blood Diamond, he’s an awesome and underrated actor.

We immediately see what this guy is capable of by scaring the supposedly the second most feared dragon of the first movie, Nightmare.

This is a key point in this movie, a villain has to be revealed, and then I could say there is possibly few character development in his character, however, this movie did it in a way where he seemed developed enough. He wants to be the only one to challenge the dragon master, and he wants to show the world that he can do whatever he wants where ever he wants and Burk, as well as Hiccup is powerless to stop him. I kind of have a problem with his motives though, But we’ll get to that later.

But now Stoick is back and finally he is reunited with his wife after all these years, and I tell you, the chemistry between these characters are again, very well developed and its not rushed too.  I like the first time he saw her, she was saying “say something! Yell at me, do something!” “You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.”

But there is one thing I have a problem with in this scene: “this is why I never married” Okay really? We’re having an emotional family reunion and you’re gonna ruin it by adding that?!!? Okay comedy in a serious scene sometimes worked, it sort of worked in the last scene, but in this scene? No! It doesn’t work, we’re too invest in the couples reunion right now. Eh at least it was only quick.

But anyways “You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.” The voice acting in that was great, he felt emotional, so that means the cartoon feels emotional even though it’s a cartoon, but then we go to Valka’s face, her eyes, her expressions it’s so brilliantly animated and executed.

Then we have a scene that is again pretty well executed. The gang and eret are about to be tossed into freezing cold waters. And this scene was funny, especially with Ruffnut “oh yeah, get him you son of eret!” “Oh no just keep doing what you’re doing.”


But lets continue on to a scene that has shown Dreamworks is not afraid to get more serious. The First full scale battle scene. Now lets get into technical stuff, the animation is once again brilliant, the flight scenes is fun and amazing to watch, the fire effects are amazing as well, and somewhat realistic, you can tell its animated but it looks so great.

And it looks like Drago brought a challenger, Bewilderbeast’s nemesis. And I tell you once again, the CGI is brilliant, it makes these monsters look so big and heavy.

Now we continue, the Bewilderbeast has fallen, his nemesis the new Alfa, and Drago has won for now.


Easily the most demonic, and ominous scene in the movie, and I LOVE IT.

Why do I love it?

Well this shows the full dark side of Drago, and I love this guy just for this scene.

Hiccup is reduced to a peace lover, whilst Drago wouldn’t want to hear any of it. But there is one thing I didn’t like about this scene:

Hiccup: The world wants peace.

DAMMIT ALL is this movie doing that “War, bad. Peace, good” bullshit message again? (I know this sounds very negative and ugly of me but I’ll explain it later.)

Hiccup wants to show him there is a different more peaceful way of dealing with dragons instead of becoming a tyrant. But the way Drago counters his deal, is amazing. He bellows and gets the dragons including the Alpha around him. “he who controls the Alpha, controls them all.”

After he said that, we see that the new Alpha has an ominous way of controlling them, he looks at toothless and by that facial expression we see him starting to possess toothless, who tries to shake it off, but he is no match for the New Alpha’s mind controlling powers. And possessed toothless is again ominous, his face frightening to look at, and when the Alpha was making him attack Hiccup, that face he was making was again ominous and it was so convincingly a frightening moment. Toothless was about to kill his rider, but Hiccups father Stoick sacrificed himself for his son.

After I saw this, I was thinking “BRILLIANT, F[BEEP]KING BRILLIANT!!!!”

Finally an animated movie that is not afraid to go beyond the limit of just being a kids movie like EVERYONE including Disney is afraid of doing. DreamWorks has earned everyone’s including my respects for this scene alone. It is ambitious and brave.

Then we go to a somewhat emotional scene where they set Hiccups deceased father on fire, putting placing him on a ship. Where in the hell did they get the ship by the way? Was the enemy just nice enough to lend them a ship so that they can have their ceremony? Ah whatever.

Then there was this one scene where they were flying babies, it’s a somewhat comedic scene.

Hiccup: Get toothless back, and kick Drago’s—


Oh and by the way

Hiccup: They’re babies, they don’t listen to anyone.

I call bullsh[beep] on that because immediately in the next scene we see baby dragons coming under control of the Alpha.

But anyways let’s fast forward to the final fight scene. The part where Hiccup breaks Toothless from the Alpha’s control is again superb animation of a human emotion.

Then we’re taken into another fight scene with the Alpha that somewhat ends in a temporary defeat. The Alpha covers both Hiccup and Toothless in ice, and all hope seems lost, but then something happens! Toothless becomes……. Godzilla?

Really DreamWorks? You’re ripping off Godzilla by having Toothless’ spine glowing like that?

Ah well at least this scene was pretty good, but his spine glowing like that, reminded me too much of Godzilla that it got sort of distracting. But still, it’s an amazing scene and conclusion.

In the end the good guys win, Toothless who just went Godzilla has now become the new Alpha dragon, and Hiccup is now the chief of Burk.




In the end, this movie does almost everything, if not everything a sequel should do. Instead of looking at the same people, here we’re looking at different people even though they’re the same characters as in the last movie. Well, that might be over stating it a bit because the other characters are pretty much the same.

And this movie seems to be repeating some cliché’s but in a way alternating them a bit, not necessarily alternating per say, but not fully following them. Like the time where Hiccup is trying to explain to his dad that won’t listen but then it turns around and engages in something else.

The animation in not only the action scenes are great, but their facial expressions a superb. Better than Frozen actually. Look at Valka’s face when she heard her husband said “you’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.” And look at Stoick’s face when he saw her for the first time. Look at Hiccups face when he sees his parents getting along singing a song. It is so brilliant, you know these are cartoons but they behave more like humans.

The tragic parts, are indeed tragic. What happened to Stoick was a calamity, and the fact that it was friendly fire made it all the more tragic. But this part is what made me respect DreamWorks more than Disney, because Disney nowadays is a little bit too afraid to get dramatic with their movies. DreamWorks shows they have no fear in just keeping it a kid’s movie. Granted in the Frozen movie the parents died, but in some cases that’s a good thing because the parents were stupid, and they had little screen time for us to care about them. I know that sounds completely villainous of me, but that appears to be the truth behind it all. If you wanna hear me explain my thoughts in my Frozen review, click here:


Anyways, here, the parents are very well developed, and that scene where they were singing the song was absolutely fantastic, I can’t praise that enough.

How To Train Your Dragon 2, along with The Wind Rises, are both the best animated movies of the past two years, HTTYD2 being the best of this year so far (though I haven’t seen “The Lego Movie” but I’ve heard nothing but praises for it, so I’m gonna have to check it out)… and TWR being the best of 2013 (yes I know Frozen won the Academy Award, but so did “The Greatest Show On Earth”, which won best picture, and that was a bad movie compared to others of that year. Frozen is a good movie but by no means a great Disney movie and by no means the greatest animated movie of 2013. “Um excuse me it made over a billion dollars, and out grossed Toy Story 3.”

Yeah, so did Transformers 3, and that is a BAD movie, though slightly better than the second one.

Difference between Frozen, and Toy Story 3, is that TS3 actually deserves those billions because it is an intelligent movie, even for adults it’s smart. Frozen is basically a typical “princess on an adventure” movie that features recycled stories, with only two twists, one of them is completely stupid, the other is more logical but again not really new even for Disney.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is the best animated movie of this year by far, and better than anything Disney has come up with in the past two years. “Um, Wreck-it-Ralph?” Oh yeah that Toy Story copy but with video games? Though I have to admit it was pretty entertaining. HTTYD 2 is also better than Rise of the Guardians, and way better than The Croods.

Overall, this is a great animated movie, and yes I am still calling it the “Godfather Part 2” of Dreamworks animation, easily the best sequel they’ve come up with, though I still don’t think it’s the “Godfather Part 2 of animation in general.” Like I said before: There is still Toy Story 2.

Is HTTYD2 the greatest sequel in general for movies of this year 2014?

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes…. Nope, it is not.


How To Train Your Dragon 2 people.




Now for that little “dammit all” part about Hiccup’s statement on the world wanting peace.

Now I’m going to have to look back on some of the messages it’s been trying to give. For Example that “War: bad. Peace: good.” Message it’s been trying to give. Hiccup states “The world wants peace” and we’re going to have to look at that as a reality message, and nope… the world doesn’t want peace Hiccup. Only a few citizens in America, as well as Europe want peace, and we’re supposed to treat this as a good thing and war as a completely bad thing. However the Truth is, the world needs wars. We need it because it’s what makes us human, and war has always been part of our existence. It is a normalcy for our entire race, to live in a world without war, it wouldn’t be normal. People themselves need wars because it makes them feel alive.

We need wars in order for later generations to understand peace; we need it to understand what it’s like to have something like a Holocaust in our lifetime. We did have that. “The Jewish Holocaust” But I could also say that it was for our earlier generation, but their war is over. The war for our younger generation has yet to come. 

Wars also inspire us to understand what it’s like to be human. There are a number of stories that occurred in WW2 that you do not know about. For Example: The Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler incident. It’s a story of a B-17 flying fortress that has taken a huge beating, with all of its crew injured, and one of them dead. A Nazi BF-109 pilot named Franz Stigler was ordered to shoot it down, but when he saw some of the injured and frightened men through the heavily damaged B-17, he could not do it. For him it was like trying to shoot at someone in a parachute. Instead, he escorts the B-17 out of Germany and the B-17 and her nine airmen made it home. See Wars create inspiring stories that teaches us about ourselves. We need wars as much as we need other things such as paintings or theatre so that we can better understand ourselves and what it’s like to be human, and what it’s like to have peace.

“War, what is it good for?” Not “absolutely nothing.” In reality war is good for more than you know.

Think back in time during World War 2. Before America joined the war, we were still in a state of great depression. However when the attack on Pearl Harbor came, EVERYONE volunteered for the Military, and we had more than 25 million soldiers a third of the country, plus the war effort created MILLIONS of new jobs for suffering people and even the homeless. Our industries made more money than they ever did when America was neutral. You see? War is good for a lot more than you think. And it’s almost a guaranteed fact that if America had entered another war, then it would put us back on top. And if you kind of think about it, as ugly and ominous this might sound of me, America does need another war.

“But we’re already in a war, the war in Afghanistan.” Oh please, that’s hardly a war. Those people have been trying to kill each other off for the past 2000 years, why not let them? But then we’d be hated for not helping them.... okay then let’s send our troops to liberate them. But wait, they hate us even for helping them. Oh what’s the fucking use? If we withdraw our troops we’d be hated for it, but even when helping them, they still don’t appreciate us… you know what? Fuck it. Let them kill each other off, I’d rather be hated for not helping them than to be hated for trying to help them and having our men and women die for nothing.


Box Office:

This movie is not really doing so good box office wise. Well that's a bit of an overstatement it is doing good but not as good as it should've been doing.

It didn't gross as much as its predecessor however it did surpass its budget.

Still I think it would somewhat be safe to call this movie somewhat "underrated"

But anyways:

You saw my score what did you guys think, leave your comments below and have a nice day. :)

Watch this Vid and laugh your ass off. :-D

Cinemasins finally does an animated movie. Their first one, Frozen. Hopefully they'll do Tangled next.

Reference parts:

The movie "Cadence"? Oh shit it is Cadence. I used to love Sam Cooke's song.


HAHA Seinfeld!!!!

That sounds like a Monty Python movie.

Never heard this song.

:sing: you're as cold as ice, you're willing to sacrifice out love :sing:

The Simpsons?

The Simpsons again?

Don't think I've heard this song either.

OH SHIT Elsa's that evil Nazi b(beep)ch from Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade. She's blond too in that one. I still prefer her way of saying goodbye :)

Ah Katy Perry you f(beep)king annoying whore.

:sing: ba da da da daaaaaa, baa baa baa, ba da da da daaaaa, SUPERMAN!!!!! :sing:


huh? "I'm okay?"

:sing:Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul:sing:

Umm.... For some reason this looks familiar.

OH... that's why.

Good day everyone I'm D-rock625. And you're reading.... a journal ^^;

And we're back to Frozen.... again, Jesus Christ this movie is really overrated.... well its not a bad movie, but when people say its overrated they make a lot of good points, whereas the people say its not, they tend to say its brand new and claim all the so called "new things" but really they're not new. Some people say "its because this movie's problems wasn't solved by a true love's kiss" well that's true, but Mullan's problems wasn't solved by a kiss.... and Pocahontas problems weren't solved by a kiss, so a big "NO" to those people.... Despite Frozen being a decent movie. Its an okay movie not a great one.

If you want, you can see me explain my thoughts on Frozen in my review of the film:…

But anyways this isn't about it being overrated, that is a conversation for another time, Its about it "ripping off" a Japanese anime. 

Yes, once again Disney is being accused by the Japanese as well as anime fans and internet geeks for ripping off yet another Anime.

Disney's successful animated feature "Frozen" is set on two sisters, one of them the elder sister, has ice powers, the other, has none. The one with ice powers has inexplicably frozen her entire kingdom and has trouble controlling them, whilst the other would do anything she can to save her sister and her kingdom as well. Does this sound familiar?

Before we answer that question, lets get one thing straight: The official source credit goes to Hans Christian Anderson's "The Snow Queen" which really isn't that suprising because lots of Disney movies are based off of his work. There's "The Little Mermaid" and others. But for "Frozen" the synopsis should really say "VERY loosely based on The Snow Queen" why? Because practically NOTHING of Frozen has anything to do with HCA's novel. In fact, the only thing that's based on it is... Elsa, the snow queen. That's it. 

Instead, the story for Frozen, is in fact more strikingly similar to that of a japanese anime "Saint Seiya."

This rumor wasn't around before, but when "Frozen" was released in Japan, they took up arms and claim Frozen has "plagiarized" from the classic anime.

Lets look at the similarities between the characters, and plots.

First the characters:

We look at the younger sisters from both franchises, Anna from Frozen, and Freya from "Saint Seiya."

As you can see they look pretty much the same. Outward appearance:

  • The same pink has been used for their clothes

  • They both have bright hair with plaits

  • Same eye color (green, though I think Anna's is more bluish, eye colors are pretty difficult to tell sometimes)

  • Wish to protect her sister and kingdom

  • No talent or particular power

  • They're both the younger sisters

  • And both have pony tails, though their hair color is different.


Now lets look at Elsa from "Frozen" and Hilda from "Saint Seiya."

  • Both have Ice powers

  • Both have blue colored dresses

  • Both of them got a sudden change in their personality and character due to an important event

  • Both virtually have little control over their powers.

  • And both are the eldest sisters.

But wait a minute: There is more. There is also a sort of "love triangle" between the sisters and this handsome guy. Who is the "Hans" of this anime. Like Hans, he betrays the sisters and tries to murder them for his own greed. And he ends up loosing.

That can't be a coincidence. Or can it?

This isn't the first time Disney has been accused of ripping off animes.

"The Lion King" is allegedly a rip off of a very famous 1960s anime "Kimba: The White Lion."

The Lion King, and Kimba are perfect examples of something ripping something off.

Even Matthew Broderick (voice of adult Simba) admitted that he thought he was part of a remake of the popular anime, he was familiar with it as a child. But turned out he was wrong.

And other movies have been subjected as being rip offs as well.

"The Great Mouse Detective" is apparently a rip off of "Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro"

Yeah... allegedly so. :iconshrugsplz:

Keep in mind, I do know this is based off a book "Basil of Baker Street" but, I just wanna say what others are saying, and that is, it apparently ripped off of the anime.

So... what are your thoughts?


the question.

Is Frozen a rip off of Saint Seiya?

Why is it called a rip off? Why not inspired by?

Maybe its because its mostly inspired by "The Snow Queen" but plot wise, its very close, very.

But do we always call it a rip off? or...

Anyways.... because the anime is an old film, and not as popular as it was back then, it is hard to find anymore pictures and etcetera. But I do remember seeing this anime a long time ago, then I saw frozen and I was like "Hmm... there's something familiar about this." And it took me all the way to now to realize it. But again, is it a rip off? Is it inspired by it? Or is it just coincidence?

Who knows?

Oh Well... :iconalcaponeplz: waddayagonnado?

How to train your Dragon Review


I gotta get this review in before the second one comes out. So here we go…


Good day, night, evening, and morning to everyone around the world. I am Drock625 and I will be reviewing the Dreamworks hit “How To Train Your Dragon”


HTTYD should really be on my s$%t list as probably one of my most hated animated movies. It really should. I SHOULD tear this movie apart… People say it is original, what the f*&k is so original about it? Hardly anything is original, in fact, NOTHING is original about this movie, it’s the same movie we’ve seen a dozen times, but this time with Dragons and Vikings and different actors.

Why is it unoriginal?

There is the main protagonist who is a failure and a weakling and the most hated of the town… gee, haven’t seen that from animated movies before… (A Bugs Life, Antz, Ratatouille [TWO F*&KING FAILURES] UP [even though the dog is not the main protagonist, he’s still a protagonist so he counts, but f*&k it, UP is a GREAT movie], Kung Fu Panda)

And there’s the parent who doesn’t understand the child and is disappointed in him/her… Gee, haven’t seen that from animated movies before (pretty much almost EVERY animated movie I named in the first cliché)

And this one has the lire revealed story, where the people find out that the protagonist was something they didn’t expect him to be… GEE, NEVER SEEN THAT FROM ANIMATION BEFORE (Chicken Run, A Bugs Life, Shark Tale, GODDAMMIT!!!)

Seriously… this movie is not o-f*&king-rigional… I REALLY should hate this movie, and it really should be put on my s&%t list of one of the worst f%&*ing animated movies.

But for some reason… I don’t hate this movie…. For some reason, even though it has a TEXTBOOK of F%&king clichés… I don’t hate it…. (Sorry for some of you guys who didn’t like the movie, and were expecting me to tear it apart, and I most CERTAILNY agree that this movie is one of the biggest clicheish movies ever made in 2010s.)

But why don’t I hate this movie?

Well let’s start from the beginning.

How To Train Your Dragon is based on a childrens book by Cressida Cowell, in fact it’s a series, and this is an adaptation of the first.

At the beginning of the movie have some exposition by narration from our main protagonist, Hiccup. (What the f%&k kind of a name is that?)

The town is under attack by dragons. In the beginning, they’re described by hiccup as “pests” remember that because you’re gonna get something at the end… oh and speaking of which: SPOILER ALERT!!!


At the beginning of the movie, we see the town of Burk under attack by dragons, with Hiccup Narrating each of the dragons as they attack. There’s the two headed one, and the fat one with the humming bird style wings, and the one that looks like smaug but it sets itself on fire (for your information, I Do know what smaug looks like, I’ve seen the movie, but I’ve seen the artwork of smaug way back in the day, so yeah, nightmare looks like smaug.)

We see Hiccup, a scrawny looking kid, who wants to kill a dragon and prove him useful to the town. But really… nobody likes him. (Discount fool on the hill: )

When he has to be a blacksmith, a profession of which he thinks to be pathetic, the other kids his age, have to put out fires, something of which he thinks is “cool” because they’re in the action. One of them he has a hard on for… Astrid, which makes her pretty cool, because that’s a Viking name. 

But then the night fury comes along and completely destroys a trebuchet, and Hiccup thinks this is his chance to prove himself by killing a night fury, the most unidentified, mysterious dragon in the HTTYD world.

Hiccup creates a ballista that shoots bolas… In violation of both his fathers, and mentors orders, he runs out to shoot down the beast, and succeeds. This resulted of course with an angry father who doesn’t believe that he shot him down.

So how is this beginning part of the movie written? Well, the narration is well done, it introduces the dragons, and the town very well. And then there’s the part where we have to sit through a point where the kid embarrass himself in front of the town, and he has an argument with his father, and oh my god, does that take me out of the movie. Seriously, why does every company think it’s important to have some protagonist where people hate them, and they always have a disagreement with their parents and what not? This seriously happens in almost every animated movie... why does it keep happening? Make an animated movie about something else. Come up with something else.

Anyways, even though it is a BIG cliché all around, it is actually handled pretty well… it doesn’t go very out of control, it doesn’t make the kid too embarrassing, and in a later scene we seen Hiccups father speaking with his Mentor about him… and the drama, the dialogue between those two was actually pretty good. I was actually impressed by that, its not just some everybody hates the guy, we actually see why the father sort of despise him, and we get to hear that. The talk of how he used to be a kid, but his son isn’t the same kid he was. That was handled pretty well. It appears as though they are human beings and not just your typical animated movie characters.

So anyways the boy sneaks out and sees the night fury he shot down, wounded, but not dead, though he did look dead. When Hiccup put his foot on him, the dragon moved. Though I’m gonna tell you something, that part where before the camera moved over the wing, we see his eyes were closed, but when it finally moved over the wing and his eyes were open… that was pretty cool.

Then Hiccup tries to find it in him to kill the dragon, but he couldn’t. He sees the dragon as another living thing, rather than a dangerous thing because he’s lying helpless tangled in bolas rope. He frees the dragon and he responds by trapping him down… oh and the music this part by John Powell is pretty cool, the bagpipes playing that tune when we look at the dragons face glaring at hiccup like he’s about to kill him but no he just leaves.

Youtube vid

Here’s some more John Powell

United 93


The thing is with this story is that it doesn’t seem rushed at all. Even though this story is really clichéd on so many levels it doesn’t bother me like others do. Maybe that’s why; we get to know each and every one of these characters. Hiccups bullies-turned-friends are f&%king dumbasses, it makes them funny, but it also makes them annoying. However, that scene where Jonah Hill tries to be the hero and throws an ax or something at a dragon but misses is hilarious. He obviously sucks at it, and he tries using excuses “the sun was in my eye.”

And Hiccups bond with the dragon was beautiful. The dragon is not your average monster that wants to kill you but in fact, that’s what this whole movie is about. Dragons that are misunderstood. And Hiccups bond with toothless works. That scene where we see Hiccup drawing on the ground, and Toothless comes up and sees hiccups art work. Toothless tries to do the same thing. This along with the music again works. Maybe it’s a bonding between beast and humans that make it interesting, and this movie works at it. Now for dragons, they don’t exist, and I don’t think they’ll be that smart as to use a tool to draw something. However it does advance the story to bond these two species.

And something else happens, whilst Hiccup is training the dragon, the dragon is also training him. When he learns some of Toothless’ weaknesses like grass or being petted, it transfers to Hiccups training at the dragon slaying school. Yes I’m calling it that, and the bullies’ turns into his friends. Well… except for Astrid, who becomes more and more jealous of his successes at the thing.

Over the course of this, his father becomes proud of him, and it was settled that Hiccup, not Astrid, would fight in the end.

This part of the movie is also a cliché. The two love couples that hated each other in the first place, but then fall in love… However, its not just those two, it was also Toothless, he was involved with this as well. When he thought Astrid was attacking Hiccup, he came to his friend’s rescue.

Bros before hoes, ey Toothless. :icontoothlesslolplz: 

But yeah, again it was handled well here, Toothless gets involved with their relationship, and he solves it for Hiccup. Astrid rides the dragon, and he just goes berserk on her. Doing barrel rolls, dives, and so on and so forth, until she apologized for her behavior.

The Flight Scenes are F%$KING AWESOME! I didn’t see it in 3d, but this is a movie that’s not worth the 3D, a movie like Avatar, or Gravity is meant for 3D, and so are the Imax documentaries about NASA, like “IMAX 3D Hubble” about the last mission to the Hubble telescope, and the most dangerous mission in space. So it completely works for those movies, and NASA documentaries. However an animated movie? In fact, 3D is completely pointless; it’s a waste of money. So I wouldn’t see this movie in 3D.

But I still enjoyed the scenes no matter what.

The flight scene did remind me of “The Rescuers Down Under” where the great golden eagle was taking the boy for a ride.  In fact, that is a perfect example. What TRDU did for 2D animation HTTYD did it for 3D animation… TRDU’s flight scene was beautifully animated for the 2D movies, and HTTYD was beautifully animated for the 3D animated movies.

Just look at these two scenes:

This scene is short, but beautiful to look at nonetheless.

Longer, and beautiful.

And the music fits both these scenes perfectly.

This supposedly heartwarming scene turns ominous when Toothless gathers with his dragon cousins to serve the ultimate monster… GODZILLA…. Haha no… it’s not Godzilla, though it kinda reminded me of him… It was a giant dragon that was “their queen” and the others serve him/her… This is where it kinda doesn’t make sense… so these dragons can fly wherever they want and yet they come back here to feed that thing? And if it scares them that much then they can just leave… why don’t they leave? Now you could answer to me and say “that’s their home” but I could also say that “no, it’s not their home, it’s that monster’s home, it’s obviously the dominant one, they’re just there.”

Then the arena comes, and Hiccup has to fight the Nightmare with his father watching, but reveals his big secret, knowing that the dragons were misunderstood, and he wanted to show everyone what he’s been doing. This of course, anger his father and he wants the fight stopped, but he hits a dingamabob and makes a loud noise that alerts the Nightmare and he goes on the offensive. Toothless senses his trainer is in danger. Once he arrives, he saves Hiccup from not only nightmare but his own father… Toothless came close to killing him, but to his trainer’s request, he didn’t. Toothless is then captured, and the we have those f#$king scene where the liar is revealed the parent argues with the child… and oh my god does it get really annoying and it ruins the movie… however with this movie, we actually got to know his father with that earlier conversation he had with his friend… so it did seem to work out okay in this movie. The father even went as far as saying “you’re not my son” seriously… what animated movie has that where the parent says something as harsh as that to their kids… I don’t think I’ve seen that… well actually, yes we have… it’s just a different premise. Once the father finds out some crucial evidence his son has provided to him, his son tries to stop him because of this Godzilla like monster would kill them easily. But to no avail…

And you know what? I’m not gonna go and state how it ends, you guys have seen it and I’m not gonna explain the plot, when I’ve already explained it enough…

Through the third part of the movie, the big battle against the Godzilla like monster was visually stunning, and beautifully animated, the CGI makes that monster look humongous and heavy… and remember when I said, it reminded me of Godzilla… wanna know why? It breaths fire (well Godzilla breaths something even more powerful, atomic breath) it has spikes on its back, and… well yeah that’s pretty much it….. Discount Godzilla.

The Action sequences are AMAZING this is probably the second best action scenes I’ve seen in an 3D animated movie, (the first for a 3D animated movie being that failiure of a movie “Rise of the Guardians”)

The fire effects are enthralling; the flight scenes are great, the story, though not original at all, is pretty good. Once the giant monster is defeated, the dragons moved in, and are now friends with the Vikings. Astrid hooks up with Hiccup, and everyone lives happily ever after…. AGAIN… like I said, this is a textbook full of clichés. However this movie made it seem like it was doing something new, even though we’ve seen this a million times. But it’s a great movie… the flight scenes like I said, are breathtaking and by god the action sequence at the end is great, and again, the music by John Powell, bagpipes are one of my favorite instruments and he used them well.

In the end after the dragons moved in, Hiccup then describes the dragons as "pets."


… Anyways I’ve praised this movie enough.

It’s a good time for the kids, and a good time for adults. I’d say…

Rating: 3.9/5 Stars.

Top Ten DreamWorks  movies


After the release of some DreamWorks films and the upcoming release of some DreamWorks films like “How to train your dragon Part II” I’ve realized, haven’t we all, that DreamWorks is giving so much competition to Disney and Pixar due to its animated movies, however, With the release of so many DreamWorks movies, I’m left wondering “what are the top ten DreamWorks movies." If there are some that are not here and that you think are superior to some of these, and are wondering why I haven't put them here its would probably be because I haven't seen them.

Without further a-due, here are the top ten DreamWorks movies.


10. Galaxy Quest

A critical and commercial success, this movie had some smart comedy in it. A BIG reference to Star Trek, this is more of the comical version of it, and it takes space exploration in a funny way. Tim Allen stars as a… well star, from a TV show that was cancelled years ago and the actors of that show went nowhere else, that is until real aliens discovered them and mistook them as REAL heroes, so they built an actual ship, which takes the actors by surprise, and they weren’t acting they were actually doing things… this movie was funny, and it was fun to watch, number ten on the top ten Dreamworks Films.


9. Meet the Parents

Another comical film that was a success critically and financially, this movie stars Ben Stiller and the one that always steals the show Robert De Niro. Both of these actors have great chemistry, and they have good charisma in this movie, especially De Niro threatening Stiller, this movie was seen as one of the funniest of the year it came out and I would see why, it is really funny watching De Niro scare the SH(beep) out of Stiller’s character.One of the best family comedies, and one of the best films DreamWorks has done.


8. Road to Perdition

Maybe one of the most underrated films of the decade 2000 to 2010, however it did do good at the box office and it was a critical success, with Tom Hanks and Paul Newman being praised for their performances in this movie. This movie takes place in the 1920s time period when the gangsters were ruling America, and Tom Hanks plays a gangster (hehe funny right, Tom Hanks a gangster?) who is out seeking revenge after one of Paul Newman’s sons killed his wife.

Possibly one of the best revenge movies, and father and son movies, this film does things almost perfectly. It is heartwarming and it’s dark, funny, and a great father and son movie.


7. Cast Away

Another Tom Hanks film, but this time he’s stuck on an island for 4 years. Tom Hanks gave, yet again, another dazzling performance; he ends up stranded on an island after he had survived a plane crash. The performance was so great, and the story was good too. Though the ending was a bit, meh, however it is an okay ending, and this movie was great, which is why it’s on the top ten.


6. Tropic Thunder

 Okay... lets be honest here, this movie is ULTRA-STUPID. But its good stupid. Oh my god, this movie is SO HILARIOUS. A comedy directed by Ben Stiller, this movie has very smart comedy, and a killer performance by the cast. Though I'm not really a fan of Jack Black (well I do like Kun-fu Panda) This is one of his best. Oh... and lets not forget Robert Downey Jr. They painted him black... HAHAHA :rofl: In fact, he was so good, they even nominated him for an Oscar, but lost to Heath Ledger for "The Dark Knight"(but that was a great performance as well). This movie was a critical and Commercial success, and its so hilarious this has to be one of the best DreamWorks films ever made.
I just Can't get enough of Robert Downey Jr. "I KNOW WHO I AM... I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude." JEASUS so AWESOME.

"Hey! What do you mean 'people?'"

5. Warhorse

A film directed by Steven Spielberg. This film was, okay. Though the acting seemed a little… meh. However it is based on a childrens book even though that is not an excuse, it’s still a good film. A film about a horse that was forced to go to the battle fields of The Great War (AKA WWI).  Him and his owner Albert Narracott played by Jeremy Irvine bond together in a friendship, and when war came, all horses that were essential were to be sold, well this wasn’t mandatory it’s just Albert’s father sold the horse because they wouldn’t be able to pay their landlord. We’re taking on a journey alongside the horse, as he makes his way from English, to german lands of WWI. Critical and Commercial success, and a heartwarming story… This has to be on the top five…


4. Flags of our Fathers

Clint Eastwoods second Iwo Jima film. This came out back to back with “Letters From Iwo Jima.” This is also more of a war drama film, however its about the men who raised the flag in Iwo Jima, and their famous picture was taken, possibly one of the most famous war pictures ever taken. You should know what they're talking about.

I can still remember it, but very little, it was a good movie, and the acting in it was great too. It showed the brutality of war, and it doesn’t glorify it, rather than that, it glorifies the soldiers, and shows the horror of war at the same time. It also shows the post WWII after these boys who were considered “Heroes” were back at home and they were very depressed by what they had experienced. Some drank alcohol to death to try and get their minds off things; some of them were brutally murdered by the Japanese as POW (prisoners of war) being sliced up by Katanas. Damn, that was brutal.


3. Letters from Iwo Jima

A War movie that focuses on the view of the Japanese and boy does this movie REALLY get it right. This is more of a war drama that takes place in the most famous island in the pacific Iwo Jima. In case you don’t know what Iwo Jima is it’s the place where the famous picture was taken of the marines lifting the flag on the top of the hill. But anyways, that was from the other movie, this movie is about a few Japanese soldiers who joined the military to fight for the empire of Japan. How is the drama in this movie, it is GREAT. The actors are great and so is the one who plays the leader General Kuribayashi, played by Ken Watanabe. He plays a General that knew War Against America was unwinable, and the Japanese most illustrious admiral General Yamamoto also knew that conquering the United States would be impossible (though this movie isn't about Admiral Yamamoto, but I just like to throw that out there). This film was a box office and critical success in not only the United States, but in Japan as well. Japanese film critics praised Clint Eastwoods portrayal of Japanese soldiers as human beings and not some stereotypical things against them like most Hollywood movies have in the past. It was more of a war drama, but I was hooked throughout the entire movie, maybe it should’ve won over “The Departed” but that was a good movie too.


2. Lincoln

When I saw this movie in theaters, I couldn’t wait to buy it on Blu-ray, what a f(beep)king awesome movie. This movie is another one directed by Steven Spielberg, and my god he did it again with this one, too bad this movie only won like three Oscars or something like that but I’m so GLAD that Daniel Day Lewis won the Oscar because I felt like he WAS Lincoln. And his voice was different than all the other actors that did Lincoln, he didn’t go to that deep voice thing, it’s like we all knew who Abe Lincoln was but this movie introduced us to the Real Lincoln and my god this movie was so GOOD.  Granted some people are actually gonna think this is boring because they were expecting some action scenes but you know what? It didn’t show the war, it showed the war in politics which made this movie stood out from other Civil War movies like the totally underrated “Gettysburg” That’s a good movie too. And I like that it wasn’t about his ENTIRE life, movies about historical people would tend to be about their life, but no this movie went right into the most important part of Abe’s life, passing the thirteenth amendment  to abolish slavery. And that scene with the votes to pass the amendment, that scene was actually nerve wreaking , I don’t know why. I knew that’s what happened but the movie kept us at the edge of our seats and we were like “come on man, vote yes.” A good movie will do that to you.

Lincoln ladies and gents… the second best DreamWorks movie.

1. Saving Private Ryan

And the number one, well you know this movie; you should know this movie, because it is one of the most popular movies to date. This movie is without a doubt THE best DreamWorks film. That may be just my opinion; however, I don’t think we can keep it as “just an opinion” anymore. Seriously, when a movie that came out in 1998 still has a major influence in our world, and in the film industry, you know for a fact that it’s one of the best. Would you believe me if I told you that “Shakespeare In Love” won the Oscar for best picture over this movie? No shit, it did. Which is complete bullshit, this movie should’ve won.

“Saving Private Ryan” is one of the most realistic war movies ever made, and the first 25 nail bighting, gritty, and harsh minutes proves it. It shows the flawed victory of the Omaha beach landing as horrifying as it can show. Veterans who survived that landing said that Steven Spielberg nailed it. When the landing craft made shore, and opened the doors these soldiers were shot down before even having the chance to get off the boat, that happened in real life and this movie showed it. When the soldiers couldn’t get out through the front because they were being gunned down by the German MG-42 (the fastest machine gun in the world at that time) they do something that they were specifically told not to do by the army, go off the side of the landing craft. And what happened after they do that, most of them drowned due to the weight of their equipment. This movie showed that these men tried to escape bullets by jumping off the side of the boat only to drown under the weight of their own equipment, and that is so horrifying to see.  It is gritty and it does anything but glorify war.

And this movie does show the reality of being a soldier. I’m pretty sure its hard as hell to kill someone in battle, its not like those John Wayne movies where he’s like “follow me men” and it seems fun, no this movie shows that war is by no means “fun.” This movie reflects that on showing how losing one man has an effect on the entire squad. When Caparzo dies, it affects the men, when Wade dies, it affects the men, all this to save one man is affecting them, however what’s so beautiful about this movie is that it doesn’t glorify war, rather than that, it glorifies the soldiers. I shows that these men are afraid but they need to put their emotions aside and get the job done… and that’s how its like in the military, these brave soldiers are putting their lives at risk to do something, and they’re doing it, and that’s what Saving Private Ryan is about.  I don’t know what else to say guys, this is indeed THE best DreamWorks movie to date. The first 26 minutes shows the horrifying Omaha beach landing, and it’s something we’ve not seen before, or since.

Saving Private Ryan everyone, THE... THE best DreamWorks movie to date.

PS: you cannot deny that John Williams' score was great in this movie. They were haunting, just listen to this:

Oh, and you're probably wondering why there aren't any animated movies here... its because Dreamworks have made so many GOOD ones, they can have their own list.


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