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Top Ten DreamWorks  movies


After the release of some DreamWorks films and the upcoming release of some DreamWorks films like “How to train your dragon Part II” I’ve realized, haven’t we all, that DreamWorks is giving so much competition to Disney and Pixar due to its animated movies, however, With the release of so many DreamWorks movies, I’m left wondering “what are the top ten DreamWorks movies." If there are some that are not here and that you think are superior to some of these, and are wondering why I haven't put them here its would probably be because I haven't seen them.

Without further a-due, here are the top ten DreamWorks movies.


10. Galaxy Quest

A critical and commercial success, this movie had some smart comedy in it. A BIG reference to Star Trek, this is more of the comical version of it, and it takes space exploration in a funny way. Tim Allen stars as a… well star, from a TV show that was cancelled years ago and the actors of that show went nowhere else, that is until real aliens discovered them and mistook them as REAL heroes, so they built an actual ship, which takes the actors by surprise, and they weren’t acting they were actually doing things… this movie was funny, and it was fun to watch, number ten on the top ten Dreamworks Films.


9. Meet the Parents

Another comical film that was a success critically and financially, this movie stars Ben Stiller and the one that always steals the show Robert De Niro. Both of these actors have great chemistry, and they have good charisma in this movie, especially De Niro threatening Stiller, this movie was seen as one of the funniest of the year it came out and I would see why, it is really funny watching De Niro scare the SH(beep) out of Stiller’s character.One of the best family comedies, and one of the best films DreamWorks has done.


8. Road to Perdition

Maybe one of the most underrated films of the decade 2000 to 2010, however it did do good at the box office and it was a critical success, with Tom Hanks and Paul Newman being praised for their performances in this movie. This movie takes place in the 1920s time period when the gangsters were ruling America, and Tom Hanks plays a gangster (hehe funny right, Tom Hanks a gangster?) who is out seeking revenge after one of Paul Newman’s sons killed his wife.

Possibly one of the best revenge movies, and father and son movies, this film does things almost perfectly. It is heartwarming and it’s dark, funny, and a great father and son movie.


7. Cast Away

Another Tom Hanks film, but this time he’s stuck on an island for 4 years. Tom Hanks gave, yet again, another dazzling performance; he ends up stranded on an island after he had survived a plane crash. The performance was so great, and the story was good too. Though the ending was a bit, meh, however it is an okay ending, and this movie was great, which is why it’s on the top ten.


6. Tropic Thunder

 Okay... lets be honest here, this movie is ULTRA-STUPID. But its good stupid. Oh my god, this movie is SO HILARIOUS. A comedy directed by Ben Stiller, this movie has very smart comedy, and a killer performance by the cast. Though I'm not really a fan of Jack Black (well I do like Kun-fu Panda) This is one of his best. Oh... and lets not forget Robert Downey Jr. They painted him black... HAHAHA :rofl: In fact, he was so good, they even nominated him for an Oscar, but lost to Heath Ledger for "The Dark Knight"(but that was a great performance as well). This movie was a critical and Commercial success, and its so hilarious this has to be one of the best DreamWorks films ever made.
I just Can't get enough of Robert Downey Jr. "I KNOW WHO I AM... I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude." JEASUS so AWESOME.

"Hey! What do you mean 'people?'"

5. Warhorse

A film directed by Steven Spielberg. This film was, okay. Though the acting seemed a little… meh. However it is based on a childrens book even though that is not an excuse, it’s still a good film. A film about a horse that was forced to go to the battle fields of The Great War (AKA WWI).  Him and his owner Albert Narracott played by Jeremy Irvine bond together in a friendship, and when war came, all horses that were essential were to be sold, well this wasn’t mandatory it’s just Albert’s father sold the horse because they wouldn’t be able to pay their landlord. We’re taking on a journey alongside the horse, as he makes his way from English, to german lands of WWI. Critical and Commercial success, and a heartwarming story… This has to be on the top five…


4. Flags of our Fathers

Clint Eastwoods second Iwo Jima film. This came out back to back with “Letters From Iwo Jima.” This is also more of a war drama film, however its about the men who raised the flag in Iwo Jima, and their famous picture was taken, possibly one of the most famous war pictures ever taken. You should know what they're talking about.

I can still remember it, but very little, it was a good movie, and the acting in it was great too. It showed the brutality of war, and it doesn’t glorify it, rather than that, it glorifies the soldiers, and shows the horror of war at the same time. It also shows the post WWII after these boys who were considered “Heroes” were back at home and they were very depressed by what they had experienced. Some drank alcohol to death to try and get their minds off things; some of them were brutally murdered by the Japanese as POW (prisoners of war) being sliced up by Katanas. Damn, that was brutal.


3. Letters from Iwo Jima

A War movie that focuses on the view of the Japanese and boy does this movie REALLY get it right. This is more of a war drama that takes place in the most famous island in the pacific Iwo Jima. In case you don’t know what Iwo Jima is it’s the place where the famous picture was taken of the marines lifting the flag on the top of the hill. But anyways, that was from the other movie, this movie is about a few Japanese soldiers who joined the military to fight for the empire of Japan. How is the drama in this movie, it is GREAT. The actors are great and so is the one who plays the leader General Kuribayashi, played by Ken Watanabe. He plays a General that knew War Against America was unwinable, and the Japanese most illustrious admiral General Yamamoto also knew that conquering the United States would be impossible (though this movie isn't about Admiral Yamamoto, but I just like to throw that out there). This film was a box office and critical success in not only the United States, but in Japan as well. Japanese film critics praised Clint Eastwoods portrayal of Japanese soldiers as human beings and not some stereotypical things against them like most Hollywood movies have in the past. It was more of a war drama, but I was hooked throughout the entire movie, maybe it should’ve won over “The Departed” but that was a good movie too.


2. Lincoln

When I saw this movie in theaters, I couldn’t wait to buy it on Blu-ray, what a f(beep)king awesome movie. This movie is another one directed by Steven Spielberg, and my god he did it again with this one, too bad this movie only won like three Oscars or something like that but I’m so GLAD that Daniel Day Lewis won the Oscar because I felt like he WAS Lincoln. And his voice was different than all the other actors that did Lincoln, he didn’t go to that deep voice thing, it’s like we all knew who Abe Lincoln was but this movie introduced us to the Real Lincoln and my god this movie was so GOOD.  Granted some people are actually gonna think this is boring because they were expecting some action scenes but you know what? It didn’t show the war, it showed the war in politics which made this movie stood out from other Civil War movies like the totally underrated “Gettysburg” That’s a good movie too. And I like that it wasn’t about his ENTIRE life, movies about historical people would tend to be about their life, but no this movie went right into the most important part of Abe’s life, passing the thirteenth amendment  to abolish slavery. And that scene with the votes to pass the amendment, that scene was actually nerve wreaking , I don’t know why. I knew that’s what happened but the movie kept us at the edge of our seats and we were like “come on man, vote yes.” A good movie will do that to you.

Lincoln ladies and gents… the second best DreamWorks movie.

1. Saving Private Ryan

And the number one, well you know this movie; you should know this movie, because it is one of the most popular movies to date. This movie is without a doubt THE best DreamWorks film. That may be just my opinion; however, I don’t think we can keep it as “just an opinion” anymore. Seriously, when a movie that came out in 1998 still has a major influence in our world, and in the film industry, you know for a fact that it’s one of the best. Would you believe me if I told you that “Shakespeare In Love” won the Oscar for best picture over this movie? No shit, it did. Which is complete bullshit, this movie should’ve won.

“Saving Private Ryan” is one of the most realistic war movies ever made, and the first 25 nail bighting, gritty, and harsh minutes proves it. It shows the flawed victory of the Omaha beach landing as horrifying as it can show. Veterans who survived that landing said that Steven Spielberg nailed it. When the landing craft made shore, and opened the doors these soldiers were shot down before even having the chance to get off the boat, that happened in real life and this movie showed it. When the soldiers couldn’t get out through the front because they were being gunned down by the German MG-42 (the fastest machine gun in the world at that time) they do something that they were specifically told not to do by the army, go off the side of the landing craft. And what happened after they do that, most of them drowned due to the weight of their equipment. This movie showed that these men tried to escape bullets by jumping off the side of the boat only to drown under the weight of their own equipment, and that is so horrifying to see.  It is gritty and it does anything but glorify war.

And this movie does show the reality of being a soldier. I’m pretty sure its hard as hell to kill someone in battle, its not like those John Wayne movies where he’s like “follow me men” and it seems fun, no this movie shows that war is by no means “fun.” This movie reflects that on showing how losing one man has an effect on the entire squad. When Caparzo dies, it affects the men, when Wade dies, it affects the men, all this to save one man is affecting them, however what’s so beautiful about this movie is that it doesn’t glorify war, rather than that, it glorifies the soldiers. I shows that these men are afraid but they need to put their emotions aside and get the job done… and that’s how its like in the military, these brave soldiers are putting their lives at risk to do something, and they’re doing it, and that’s what Saving Private Ryan is about.  I don’t know what else to say guys, this is indeed THE best DreamWorks movie to date. The first 26 minutes shows the horrifying Omaha beach landing, and it’s something we’ve not seen before, or since.

Saving Private Ryan everyone, THE... THE best DreamWorks movie to date.

PS: you cannot deny that John Williams' score was great in this movie. They were haunting, just listen to this:

Oh, and you're probably wondering why there aren't any animated movies here... its because Dreamworks have made so many GOOD ones, they can have their own list.

And now, I present to you, the Academy Award Winners. Gravity takes home the most awards with Seven wins. 


Best Picture: 12 Years A Slave :iconawesomefaceplz:

  1. American Hustle
  2. Cpt Phillips
  3. Dallas Buyers Club
  4. Gravity
  5. Her
  6. Nebraska
  7. Philomena
  8. The Wolf of Wall Street

Best Director: Alphonso Cuaron (LOL to him thanking the "wiseguys of Warner Brothers, er... the wise PEOPLE of Warner Brothers" :iconimhappierplz: he basically called them Mafia Gangsters, all he needed was Robert De Niro doing his gangster thing back there, nodding his head and making his face HAHAHA)

  1. David O' Russle - American Hustle
  2. Alexander Payne - Nebraska
  3. Steve McQueen - 12 Years A Slave
  4. Martin Scorsese - The Wolf of Wall Street


Best Actor: Matthew McConaughey (Leonardo DiCaprio deserved it more than he did, but at least it was a good performance)

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio - The Wolf of Wall Street
  2. Bruce Dern - Nebraska
  3. Christian Bale - American Hustle
  4. Chiwetel Ejiofor - 12 Years A Slave

Best Actress: Cate Blanchett - Blue Jasmine


  1. Sandra Bullock - Gravity
  2. Amy Adams - American Hustle
  3. Judi Dench - Philomena
  4. Maryl Streep - August: Osage County


Best Supporting Actor: Jared Leto (Jonah Hill should've won for that one)


  1. Jonah Hill - The Wolf of Wall Street
  2. Barkhad Abdi - Captain Phillips
  3. Bradley Cooper - American Hustle
  4. Michael Fassbender - 12 Years A Slave

Best Supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong'o - 12 Years A Slave (Very Well Deserved)


  1. Sally Hawkins - Blue Jasmine
  2. Jennifer Lawrance - American Hustle
  3. Julia Roberts - August: Osage County
  4. June Squibb - Nebraska


Best Writing (Original Screenplay): Her - Spike Jonze [of course its very original]


  1. American Hustle
  2. Blue Jasmine
  3. Dallas Buyers Club
  4. Nebraska

Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay): 12 Years A Slave [of course this won, its great, I'm so sorry for "The Wolf of Wall Street" though, so underrated]


  1. The Wolf of Wall Street
  2. Captain Phillips
  3. Before Midnight
  4. Philomena


Best Animated Feature: Frozen (Duh, no shit it won, even though it doesn't deserve it, its still a good movie, however "The Wind Rises" deserved it more.)


  1. Despicable Me 2
  2. The Croods
  3. The Wind Rises
  4. Ernest & Celestine 

Best Animated Short Film: Mr. Hublot


  1. Feral
  2. Get a Horse
  3. Possessions
  4. Room on the Broom


Best Foreign Language Film: The Great Beauty (Italy)


  1. The Broken Circle Breakdown
  2. The Hunt
  3. The Missing Picture
  4. Omar


Best Documentary Feature: 20 Feet From Stardum


  1. The Act of Killing
  2. Cutie and the Boxer
  3. Dirty Wars
  4. The Square

Best Documentary Short: The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved my life


  1. CaveDigger
  2. Facing Fear
  3. Karma has no Walls
  4. Prison Terminal: Last days of Private Jack Hall


Best Live Action Short Film: Helium


  1. That wasn't me
  2. Just Before Losing Everything
  3. Do I have to take Care of Everything
  4. The Voorman Problem


Best Original Score: Gravity - Steven Price [no shit, that score was AMAZING, I went home went to youtube, put some headphones on and just listened to it. Well deserved.]


  1. The Book Thief - John Williams
  2. Her - William Butler and Owen Pallett
  3. Philomena - Alexandre Desplat
  4. Saving Mr. Banks - Thomas Newman

Best Original Song: "Let it Go" - Frozen [Again, duh] 

( good song but its kinda annoying now )


  1. "Happy" - Dispicable Me 2 [this one was actually more catchy]
  2. "The Moon Song" - Her
  3. "Ordinary Love" - Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
  4. "Alone, Yet Not Alone" - Alone Yet Not Alone


Best Sound Editing: Gravity - Glenn Freemantle


  1. All is Lost
  2. Captain Phillips
  3. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
  4. Lone Survivor

Best Sound Mixing: (Do I even have to say it?) Gravity - Skip Lievsay, Niv Adiri, Christopher Benstead, and Chris Munro


  1. Captain Phillips – Chris Burdon, Mark Taylor, Mike Prestwood Smith, and Chris Munro
  2. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Christopher Boyes, Michael Hedges, Michael Semanick, and Tony Johnson
  3. Inside Llewyn Davis – Skip Lievsay, Greg Orloff, and Peter F. Kurland
  4. Lone Survivor – Andy Koyama, Beau Borders, and David Brownlow


Best Production design: The Great Gatsby ("How you doin' old sport?" hehe, but seriously ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? THIS GODAWFUL MOVIE WON AN OSCAR?!!? This should've gone to 12 Years A Slave, or Gravity, fuck this movie)


  1. American Hustle – Judy Becker (Production Design); Heather Loeffler (Set Decoration)
  2. Gravity – Andy Nicholson (Production Design); Rosie Goodwin and Joanne Woollard (Set Decoration)
  3. Her – K. K. Barrett (Production Design); Gene Serdena (Set Decoration)
  4. 12 Years a Slave – Adam Stockhausen (Production Design); Alice Baker (Set Decoration)

Best Cinematography: Gravity (HELL YEAH!!!)


  1. The Grandmaster – Philippe Le Sourd
  2. Inside Llewyn Davis – Bruno Delbonnel
  3. Nebraska – Phedon Papamichael
  4. Prisoners – Roger Deakins


Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Dallas Buyers Club


  1. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa – Stephen Prouty
  2. The Lone Ranger – Joel Harlow and Gloria Pasqua-Casny (THANK GOD The Lone Ranger didn't win anything!!!! Worst western movie since "The Wild Wild West")

Best Costume Design: The Great Gatsby (well the costumes are awesome I'll give it that, but the movie was fucking terrible)


  1. American Hustle – Michael Wilkinson
  2. The Grandmaster – William Chang Suk Ping
  3. The Invisible Woman – Michael O'Connor
  4. 12 Years a Slave – Patricia Norris


Best Film Editing: Gravity (goddamn, man, fucking awesome movie right here) Alfonso Cuaron and Mark Sanger


  1. American Hustle – Jay Cassidy, Crispin Struthers, and Alan Baumgarten
  2. Captain Phillips – Christopher Rouse
  3. Dallas Buyers Club – John Mac McMurphy[27] and Martin Pensa
  4. 12 Years a Slave – Joe Walker

Best Visual Effects: (come on, you all know what won this!!) GRAVITY!!! Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence, Dave Shirk, and Neil Corbould


  1. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Joe Letteri, Eric Saindon, David Clayton, and Eric Reynolds
  2. Iron Man 3 – Christopher Townsend, Guy Williams, Erik Nash, and Dan Sudick
  3. The Lone Ranger – Tim Alexander, Gary Brozenich, Edson Williams, and John Frazier
  4. Star Trek Into Darkness – Roger Guyett, Patrick Tubach, Ben Grossmann, and Burt Dalton



BEST MOVIES OF 2013. Okay, now that I've been angry with the worst. It's time to get started with the best. The Butler? Oh man, I'm already starting to feel better now.

If you wanna see my worst list, here it is:…

10. The Butler:

How is it that this movie is not nominated for any oscars? With performances by Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey not getting nominated as well. They both were great in this movie. I’m gonna admit it, at the end I was getting teary eyed. This and one other movie captured what it’s like for a black person to live in America when racism was at its height.  This movie is about a butler who served in the White house whilst his family was also enduring some of Americas darkest racism in the southern states. The “Whites only” and “colored” sings were everywhere, and talks of “the law wasn’t on our side, the law was against us.” And it did seem that way. In America. Our country that was supposed to be about freedom. What happened? My guess is that a country like the United States was way ahead of the world’s time, and the world was not ready for equalization. Anyways, The Butler, my number Ten.

9. This is the End:

Okay well, this is a weird time for me, because I usually don’t like these types of movies, but “This is the End” which doubles as the song from The Doors. Seriously check it out:

Anyways. This movie is well written, it knows what kind of movie it is, and that is dirty comedy filled with awesome apocalyptic moments, and it also has religious stuff in it. My number 9.

8. Blackfish:

And what is a best film of 2013 without some documentary. “Blackfish” tells the story about the orcas that are kept in captivity for the Shamu show. When we go see the show, we are wowed by the giant mammals as they put on a good show, but this documentary wakes us to the reality of how these Orcas live. It’s heartwarming, and it’s emotional as well. You know when you see those fins on the orcas, and they're bent downward, they're not supposed to be like that, that means they're depressed, but compare those to wild orca, they have straight fins compared to the ones in Seaworld, they're healthy. As for the movie? I’d say go check it out. It’s a great documentary.
PS: An orca is not a fish, it's a mammal, so why do they call it "black fish"?

7. The Lone Survivor:

Wow. This movie is great, "best war movie since Saving Private Ryan" well... I don't know but this movie does anything but glorify war, instead, it glorifies the soldiers. Kind of like "Saving Private Ryan" I really don't have that much to say about this movie, but I know it should be on this list, because man is it great. The actors are great and totally believable, the story is fantastic as well. My heart goes out to America's soldiers who face these type of conflicts. In fact, here is a song for them.

6. The World’s End:

Another apocalyptic comedy, this is a very smart comedy, original, and it’s funny as hell. Like “Fuzz Ball” and “Shaun of the Dead.” I cannot find anything else. See this movie its good.

5.  Captain Phillips:

A dramatization of the real life event that took place. The Maersk Alabama was the first American ship to be taken by pirates in 30 years or something like that. This movie dramatizes the event, and boy does it work. The acting is great, Tom Hanks is great as always, but to me the actors that really stood out were the pirates. I mean honestly, Barkhad Abdi, the guy who played the leader, he faced Tom Hanks face to face and said “look at me, I’m the captain now.” I mean, this is someone who’s never acted before saying this to a two time academy award winner. The drama is there too, this movie managed to be a thriller whilst still keeping the human in there. It even shows the Pirates as humans who were struggling as well. My number 5 best film of 2013.

Oh and by the way, write a comment down below if you noticed the “United 93” soundtrack “the end” in the climax of Captain Phillips.

(U93 is a totally underrated film by the way, go watch it, it’s also the same director and it’s great.)

4. Prisoners

Okay, my god what a great film. This film teaches a lesson as well. It dramatizes what it’s like to have your child mysteriously disappear, either she was kidnapped or she ran away. Two families each loose their daughter and this movie does such a good job at dramatizing that. The actors were FANTASTIC; the plot was great, and original. Well I’ll say original for now, if you guys can find a similar movie, then great. It captures the horror of what it’s like to lose a family member, particularly you youngest child, and that is something tons of people have been going through every year. A child is missing and they never find him or her, and if they find them they’re either dead, or found in a ditch completely burned (that actually happened here in Houston) And sometimes it’s a happy ending. Sometimes it’s a happy ending after like 18 years (if you know who I mean).

3. Gravity:

What do I got to say about Gravity? It’s probably this generation’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. When 2001 wowed the entire country with its visual effects, Gravity did the same thing in 2013. I didn’t feel like it was done with Green Screen, I felt like it was actually in space. It was fucking amazing, and very realistic, it had tons of things right (despite having some scientific inaccuracies). Now there are some idiots who are trying to be smart by hating on this movie, but the reasons they give are so stupid. “It’s not realistic” or “it’s nothing new” or “it’s nothing groundbreaking” Yeah. WRONG, WRONG, AND WRONG. In reality, Gravity was a great film and seeing as how the world’s biggest directors are praising it, James Cameron Quentin Tarantino, and Steven Spielberg, yeah, we are right and you are wrong. I can go on and on saying how much this movie is great, and how much stuff it got wrong, but the inaccuracies really didn’t bother me, except for the part where George Clooney died. He didn’t have to die, in reality as soon as Sandra Bullock grabbed the rope hooked onto George Clooney, he should’ve stopped moving, but instead he kept on going. There’s no gravity in space, but he still kept on going. Yeah that didn’t make sense but that was the only problem I have. Granted this movie’s story wasn’t that long, but it’s still believable. What happened in Gravity would, and could happen in real life. Seriously, go search up the Kessler Syndrome, it’s very scary. Overall GREAT filmmaking, those people who appreciate stupidity over masterpieces can die and go to hell.

And the music is FANTASTIC. Just listen to this:

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

Oh my fucking god this movie is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! IT’S SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is no fucking way “Frozen” has a 89% on rottentomaetoes, and “The Wolf of Wall Street” scored an even lower 77%. THERE’S NO FUCKING WAY!!!!! Okay I mean, granted it’s a Disney movie, but a whimsical Disney movie is better than the GREATEST DIRECTOR of all time MARTIN SCORSESE?!!? The guy who also made GOODFELLAS, TAXI DRIVER, RAGING BULL, and MEAN STREETS?!!!? FUCK NO!!!!
Okay anyways, enough bitching about it, what is so great about this movie? EVERYTHING!!!
This movie is hilarious all the way though, it’s so perfectly written as well, and so perfectly acted, I cannot find anything bad about this movie. If you like Martin Scorsese, and thought that he had lost his ways with “Hugo”? (even though, that’s sort of a good movie too) Than this is the movie for you. DO NOT take children to see this movie, this movie is R-rated, that really should’ve been X-rated or something like that. The sex scenes are so graphic, and you know what, I don’t fucking care, this movie is way too good for someone to bitch about the sex scenes. The whole story is so interesting, and this movie sends a good message too. And I love what they did to these guys, and this is what really happened, this is how they really lived back in those days. Drug addicts. And what I love about this movie is that it makes its characters likable. Okay sure a lot of movies do that, but this one has characters that are fucking scumbags, they’re degenerates, but fucking who cares? Who wouldn’t want to party with Jordan Belfort? FUCK YEAH I wanna party with this guy, get some fucking hookers, and shit.
Oh and people might be thinking “it sort of glorifies using drugs” Well… that sort of makes sense. Okay I’m gonna be honest, after watching this movie, I wanted to get high. I seriously did wanted to get high, but thankfully I didn’t.  But what I really love about this movie is the message it sends. Now I don’t know if this message is intentional or not, but I got that its good getting rich. You wanna get rich right? You wanna buy a nice house, great looking cars, and good looking suits or dresses, but money can really make you crazy. It can make you greedy, arrogant, and it can make you a drug addict. That’s what I love about this movie. It says that making money is good, but at the same time it can also get you in trouble if you don’t know how to use it. Hence Jordan Belfort’s “we were making more money than we knew what to do with.”
If you havn’t seen it yet, FUCKING GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! No seriously I’m not joking, get off your computer and go fucking watch it, it’s SO FUCKING AMAZING!!!! Well, if you can’t handle the graphic sex scenes than its probably best not too. But if you can… FUCKING GO WATCH IT, RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT COMES OUT OF THEATERS!!!!! ITS THAT FUCKING GREAT!!!!!!
“The Wolf of Wall Street” is either the “Pulp Fiction” or “Goodfellas” of 2013 or of the Decade.
I cannot praise this movie enough ITS SO FUCKING AWESOME. I’m jamming out to “Insane in the Brain.”

And "Meth Lab Zoso Sticker"

1. 12 Years a Slave:

I’m not gonna lie, this movie was so brutal and I’m speechless. It captures the horror of what it’s like being a slave before the start of the bloodiest war in American Soil, the Civil War. It’s about a man who was kidnapped from the northern states and taken to the south to be a slave. And this was true, back in the day, when the northern states and southern states were separated by the laws; the blacks would live up in the north to be free. This went on for good time until the southerners were going to the north to kidnap blacks and bring them down to be slaves. Then it was no longer safe for any blacks. It was hell on earth being black back in these days, and this movie delivers that brutality almost perfectly. If not, perfectly. This movie is sometimes uncomfortable to watch, and to watch the things that actually took place in real life shown in this movie is pretty brutal. It’s not filled with blood drenched violence, but however even the parts where they’re talking to the slaves, you know, getting in their faces, yelling at them, or threatening them, it’s a little uncomfortable to watch. But the part where Patsy is getting whipped, that is the most uncomfortable part for me. Her back was shredded from the constant whipping of over 30 or so lashes. It was a lot.

Roll Jordan Roll

This is a great film, It's the  "Schindler's List" of 2013, and perhaps the decade, and it’s my number one best movie of 2013.

The Ten best films of 2013


Now for out Honorable mentions for the best movies (why they didn't make it on the list):


Though this is a good movie, (and Elsa's pretty hot) it's not great at all, the story is way to rushed and full of flaws that it just wasn't that good of an animated movie. Many people put this on their top ten best list and i said "really? this animated movie is on your top ten when I can think of an even better one that would be worthy for it?" Despicable me 2 being the one. And fucking Hans man... Worst Disney Villain EVER!!!
And that part where Anna was frozen. Elsa can create life with her powers, Olaf and Marshmellow being proof of that. So couldn't she have technically brought Anna back to life?

"Love" AH SERIOUSLY!!?? How exactly does Elsa really end the winter? “Love” isn’t really an explanation. Was there any point in which Elsa wasn’t feeling love for anyone? The whole reason she never spoke to her sister or interacted with her was to keep from hurting her. That’s also why she threw her out. Even when she told her to leave at the party it was so she wouldn’t have to live miserable and alone like her. Assuming she wasn’t feeling love before that…so…does she now? Does she just turn it on and off like that? What happens the next time she hates someone? Even if she has control, the problem still remains next time she accidentally hits someone in the chest with her power she kills them. (Kind of like the problem of keeping Fat Buu alive in “Dragonball Z”…)


Another one about the unequality between the whites and the black, this is an inspiring movie about following your dreams and letting go of anger no matter how much they put on you. But its "The Butler" that really got me.

Saving Mr. Banks:

Even though this movie is BULLSHIT on so many levels, and we learned that the Walt Disney Company is full of shit in order to glorify itself, this is a good movie, its heartwarming, its emotional, and its funny. But the historical inaccuracies were just..... gah. And don't give me those pathetic excuses like "its a family movie" or "its a disney movie" because that's no excuse. Still a good movie though, but not enough to make a top ten list.

Ten best and worst movies of 2013. We’ll have the best movies are at the bottom of the worst, but first, I need to get angry a little bit before being happy again, I'd rather do that and be happy again, than to be happy with the best, and angry with the worst, these are the shittiest movies of the year that made me wanna kill myself( Not literally though) but fuck these movies, they each made 2 hours of my life miserable.

If you guys wanna be happy and just look at the best movies, here they are:…

10: Getaway:

Oh my fucking god, who the hell thought this movie was good? I mean, who thought it was good. It’s Selena Gomez trying to get away from her Disney shit, even the Disney time sucked too, Wizards of Waverly place, who the hell likes that show? Anyways, this movie has no plot to it, it’s just a movie full of fucking car chase scenes, and that’s all. Fuck this movie, fuck it’s actors, just be forgotten forever.

9: The Smurfs 2:

Okay based on the beloved cartoon of the same name, I never really liked it, and neither did my dad, but this sequel, though the first one was shit as well, this one managed to be even shittier, with its abysmal plot, unfunny “funny” moments, and nothing new to the screen.

8: A Good Day to Die Hard:

This is one of the worst sequels I’ve ever seen. Honestly it didn’t make sense at all, and it had some references to the original film, but this movie, it barely had any plot, a stupid twist at the end. Live Free or Die Hard was better than this, that’s how you make a sequel. Obviously these guys didn’t think about the movie they were making they just put some shit together, and it was only John McClain saying “I’m on vacation” when really he wasn’t, he came to Russia because of his son. Fucking directors. This movie sucked.

7: After Earth:

What can I say about this movie? Well, Will Smith is a cool actor, and he’s funny, and he’s done so much better than this. This movie had terrible acting, mostly by Jaden smith, abysmal plot, terrible effects, though some parts were okay, unoriginal story line, and a story line that makes no sense whatsoever.

6: The Host:

This movie was an adaptation of Stephanie Mayer’s book of the same name who was also the author of the totally overrated Twilight Saga. Yep you know this movie is bad. I saw the movie, I don't want to fucking talk about it, yep that much. NEXT.

5: R.I.P.D.:

Do I really need to say anything about this? This movie already did its damage to movie goers. It rips off Men in Black, except it has a poor story, weak script, TERRIBLE  CGI, and, yeah unfunny shit in this movie right here. Fuck this movie.

4: Spring Breakers:

This movie has a fucking 69% on rotten tomatoes…. Highly overrated. This movie offered nothing new, it’s just basically about a bunch of girls who were forced to stay in college for spring break, whilst the others left for spring break, and then they turned to crime to do shit. What do we get? A fucking boring movie, with a terrible story.

3: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters:

Are you fucking kidding me? Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? The telling of the famous Hansel and Gretel fairy tale in this mess of a fucking movie. This movie not only destroys the fairy tale it completely takes a huge steaming dump on it. I mean what is it with the kid saying right after the man exploded with maggots saying “that was awesome”? When “awesome” wasn’t even around in that time period?

2: The Lone Ranger:

And now, Walt Disney pictures presents!!! Pirates of the Caribbean: Sparrow Goes West. AKA The Lone Ranger.

Prepare for the vibrant world of America’s most beloved ranger… to get Disney SHIT upon, in the worst western TV adaptation since the “Wild Wild West.” Watch, as the totally badass Lone Ranger and his equally bad ass sidekick Tonto are brought to life, as two fucking imbeciles in a Disney movie that is so violent, it’s really R-rated but somehow managed to squeak through with a PG-13. I can’t believe some people actually thought this movie was good.

There is nothing good about this movie, it was poorly paced, ridiculously written, stupidly acted, and it’s an insulting adaptation of The Lone Ranger. Jack Sparrow starring as Tonto was the biggest mistake ever. Johnny Depp sucks at acting like a Native American. And really to think about it, a lot of Native Americans in this country were actually insulted by Depp’s performance. Now some of the natives actually thought that his performance was okay but it’s also revealed that some of them were paid to say that. Wow Disney, really fucked up. But about the movie, oh for fucks sake. I HATED THIS FUCKING MOVIE. You wanna know how much? I took the cover of it and burned it in my back yard, that’s how much I hate it. This movie is a complete mess. Its tone was all over the place. At first it seemed like a comedy, then it got so silly, then it went to R-rated violence, and then it got really goofy. Honestly I knew this movie was going to be bad. When I first read online in 2012 that they’re doing a TV adaptation of The Lone Ranger, I was like “OH YAY FINALLY my favorite TV show brought to life.” Then I saw Disney was doing it, and I was like “Uh oh, that can’t be good.” Then I saw the first trailer “UH OH this cannot be good.” Then I saw the movie “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME”Not only did this movie ruined the lone ranger, it ruined the William Tell overture. Every time I heard that piece, I thought of this fucking stinkpile of a movie. I had to watch the entire first season of the TV show, and now…. I’m cured. THANK GOD.This movie ruined such a AWESOME American Icon. No on will remember the totally awesome Lone ranger and his equally awesome Tonto, instead they will remember the fucking stupid imbeciles in this fucking pathetic movie. FUCK you Disney for ruining such a grand masterpiece. And for you fucking fans of this movie who have no fucking sense, don’t give me that “It’s actually not as bad as you think” bullshit because it is. You are wrong, and I am right, wanna know how? I just fucking proved it. THANK GOD this movie flopped! (I’m still sorry for those who lost their jobs though)(Though I still like “Saving Mr. Banks” even though that movie is bullshit beyond so many levels, and I also like “Frozen” even though its story is so weak.)

Also: This movie was so bad, that Jerry Bruckheimer and the Walt Disney company has ended their partnership as of this year. Thank god too. They suck together.

1: Movie 43:

Oh god, do I even need to explain?
I’m too tired from hating the Lone Ranger, I didn’t think it was possible to find a movie worse than The Lone Ranger, but this movie. I don’t even want to talk about it. It’s been called the “Citizen Kane” of awful. And I a-fucking-gree to that.  No story, no charisma, no fucking humor.


What is the first song we think of when we think of "Frozen?"

YEAH, that's what I thought! They even say "cold as ice" in the movie!


Its time to Review Frozen. No not that 2010 movie frozen that scared the living Sh(beep) out of me and made me never want to go skiing down a mountain! (Good movie by the way)

I'm talking about this one:


Princess Anna sets off to find her sister Queen Elsa, after she had unintentionally frozen her entire kingdom in the new Disney movie "Frozen." Good-day everyone I'm D-rock625, our story starts off with a familiar story, some would think it original but it's not, it would be that is if you don't count other movies that involve siblings, or sibling problems: Mozart's Sister, Sister, Warrior, The Godfather, that Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings and pretty much Every movie ever made.

Okay okay maybe I'm getting a little too much into original stuff, but unoriginality doesn't make this movie a bad movie, as long as they include new things. Frozen... eh, just doesn't (except for two new twists, one of the being good, the other being..... BAD). But its still a good movie ^^; hehe, oh man the flaws in this movie.

Though as good as it is, I felt sort of let down by it as well, I was expecting more but just didn't get it, I'll explain that later in this review.

Just to be clear: SPOILER ALERT.

What did I think of the movie? It's actually a good movie, that sort of restored my hope in Disney because honestly lets face it, Disney doesn't make good movies anymore, well live-action movies that is. I mean, look at "The Lone Ranger" that was a terrible insulting adaptation of an American Icon, it actually destroyed it. No one will remember The Lone Ranger as being this badass gunslinger who actually was a ranger but decided to make himself a symbol  and a really bad ass symbol with a bad ass sidekick, Tonto. The movie destroyed that. One of the worst western movies ever made.

Back to Frozen, yes it did somewhat restored my faith in Disney, I like the music even though two or three of them were completely forced. Lets take a look at  the animation first, it is beautiful. This is coming from someone who'd prefer 2D over 3D. The colors are amazing, the entire sequence where Elsa, played by Idina Menzel (AKA the wickedly talented, Adele Dazeem :rofl:) was building an ice castle with her powers was a wonderful sequence, and the music is good, and original. She is singing about her past time that she was forced to hide her powers because she could not control it, and by the time that everyone knows she has those powers she's purposely letting it go, hence the name of the song "Let it go." This song is obviously the best and most popular song in the bunch, we've news two sisters doing a duet on the song "Let it Go" about a week or two ago on the news. And boy did they suck:rofl:. Oh well they're little girls of course. And one just now who is the better singer than those sisters. Take it away girls. Her sister Anna played by Kristen Bell, is the less interesting character in this movie, though it centers around her more than with her sister. This doesn't mean I don't like her, it just means that maybe it's because she's not the one who's suffering. Yes she is suffering due to the fact that her sister shuts her out of her life, but her sister has the uncontrollable powers, and is widely frightening her, and she's doing all she can to protect the people she loves. I don't know about you but that made her more interesting as a character to me than all others, she has all the pressure putting down on her, why isn't she the main character? This is one of the problems I have with this movie. Elsa is more interesting. Plus... okay i'm gonna go ahead and say it, I THINK ELSA IS SEXY.

Yeah I've said it, I really think she's sexy. Granted she wasn't portrayed like that in the movie, she was in the trailer which is one of the reasons as to why I was sort of let down. But yeah, I really do think she's hot. I mean look at her:


Probably pulled a Jonah Hill from "The Wolf of Wall Street", if yah get what I mean ;) (THE FUCKING BEST MOVIE OF 2013, well then there is Gravity and 12 years a slave) 

Speaking of WOWS, Gravity, and 12 Years A Slave

Here are some soundtracksL

From The Wolf of Wall Street

You already know

And you should know this.

Okay, back to Frozen. As far as story telling goes, it is pretty much rushed, and cliched as well. Disney has told stories in a musical fashion like this before, and they've done a better job, this movie seemed rushed especially at the beginning, and the end. The middle was less rushed. Okay I like the singing, I get the Idea that her sister Anna is missing her sister because they used to play a lot together and all, but the story was just way too rushed, a few minutes in and the parents already died. Don't get me wrong, the way their parents died is very realistic. Traveling by sea is no joke at all, its a very dangerous environment out there especially in the worlds two biggest oceans, In fact its the second most dangerous environment known to man, the first being space. That is believable, but I didn't have enough time to get to know her parents in order to actually feel sad. I was like "aww man that sucks" but that's it, I felt nothing, I didn't care for them. If any I felt more sympathy for the dad, because he had more dialogue, the mother I don't remember hearing her talk at all! If you guys do could you tell me, because I don't remember that.

So what am I really saying here? The Montage at the beginning of the movie, the "do you want to build a snowman?" montage... Don't get me wrong, i like Montages, and they are a good Idea as long as the story delivers, with this movie, it really doesn't. I'll give you a good example of an animated movie with a montage that makes it seem rushed, but the story delivered... "UP". We are going through a five minute nearly wordless montage, and after that, we actually got to know our main protagonist even more, however with "Frozen" what happens after the first montage? We go right into the next song "for the first time in forever." Which is not a bad song, but... We really don't know the character any better just by hearing her sing.

Now we fast forward (like the movie wasn't already doing that) to the part where already they're at the party. Again it seemed rushed here too, not as much as it was a few minutes ago. Elsa has come of age, and she's now the queen. I don't know about you guys but classical music please? This piece I have to present to you is the perfect coronation music:

 This would've gone perfectly with this scene. Anyways, then we cut to the party scene. That seemed sort of rushed AGAIN, but not as much as the first 11 minutes of the movie. We see the part where the two sisters are standing together and the crowd applauding them, and we also see that Anna is sort of uncomfortable standing with her. After a few seconds, they begin to talk to each other after a while of being separate. I sort of like that part if it hadn't gotten silly "you're beautifuller, gah well i mean not "fuller" you're-- more beautiful." That I think was sort of forced into the movie. And we got the part before, when she met the prince. "This is awkward, not your awkward, I mean we, I mean I'm so awkward, you're gorgeous! Wait what?" She did it that time, and the she did it with her sister and i was like "oh man shut up and say the right fucking thing already!" But that didn't ruin the movie.

However, I do wish we would've seen more conversations between them. There was a deleted scene, in the dressing room, you guys have probably seen it already, if not here it is:

Whilst the makers of the film do provide indispensable explanations as to why they had to cut it out, this would've been better if it was the first time they are together in a dressing room, that way we would've been able to spend some more time with them than what we actually have in the entire film. Now this scene is not written in the way that would make sense but what I would've done, is rewrite this scene to make it fit into the movie. For instance, make Elsa mess up her dress, and then go into the room where she conveniently runs into her sister, and she covers her little ice incident she made. At first make them uncomfortable, like make them talk slowly first, make Elsa be the first to say "hello" Like the original Coronation scene. And then make it silly like the scene went through.
Anna: my hips are here, my hips are there, oops, pardon my behind young man, I didn't mean to knock you down.
Elsa: It was just a gift.
Anna: From who?
Elsa: Oh, I don't know one of those big countries.

And I'm guessing "one of those big countries" is referring to the United States right Elsa?
Yeah do something, with that.

Then we actually fast forward to a part when we see that Anna accidentally ends up with the prince. Then we get a rushed sequence already only to get to our next song, "love is an open door" okay, Don't know about you, but I think they just made the beginning part of the movie, only to get to the song, and judging by some "friends" I have who have actually been involved with it, they asked the writer, and they did seem like they just wanted to get to the songs. So, yeah it kind of was like that.
And this whole scene seems supports UNREALISTIC ROMANCE, they've just met and they're already getting married?!!? Hell even Elsa and Kristoff didn't get it! Then this movie seems to mock traditional Disney stuff, with "love at first sight."

Anyways, we move on to the part where things are about to get ugly. The two supposed "couples" want Elsa's blessing for their marriage, Elsa goes bitch mode (hence the ice queen. Get it?) and says "no," with a very good reason. Then Anna tries to talk with her, and then Elsa unintentionally reveals her powers. This part I think was played out pretty good. Though I don't think that's how it would happen, I mean if her priority is to not reveal her powers, and seeing as how her glove was accidently forced off by Anna, I'd think she'd keep the hand hidden and just yell at her, but oh well at least it helps advance the plot. Then she unknowingly unleashes her powers across all of Arandell. And now we have our movie! that's really thought out, but not really that well executed.

Okay so then we cut to the middle of the story. I've already said the "let it go" sequence was good. So lets leave it at that.

Now our main protagonist Elsa, I mean Anna is looking for her. Along the way she bumps into Kristoff, a character who sells ice for a living.
Kristoff: I sell ice for a living.

That's what I just said.
Kristoff is a good supporting character, but i don't know, he doesn't seem all that developed to me. I know he has a Elk named Sven, and he's not likable as much either. I mean that doesn't mean i'd rather not have them in the story, I would, but I'd rather we see more development. For example the romance between them, though a lot stronger than Anna and Hans, is pretty weak. And it wasn't the intention of this movie. This movie was about, or supposed to be about the struggling relationships between the sisters, however, we get another cliche adventure between a man and a woman. I can get the fact that they didn't like each other to begin with, and then at the end, they're couples, well that's a big cliche all around, the typical, "we hate each other, but we love each other in the end" cliche. But at least it's not as big as "love at first sight." But still a pretty big cliche. As they travel, they come across a magical snow man named Frosty, dah I mean Olaf ^^;.

Speaking of Frosty, check out Bing Crosby singing "Frosty The Snowman" :D

As soon as we got to Olaf, I was thinking, "great we're gonna have another one of those annoying dumbass supporting characters like EVERY ANIMATED MOVIE NOWADAYS HAVE!"

Admit it, you guys were ready to hate him.

But to my surprise he wasn't as annoying as I thought he would be. Lets face it, supporting characters like Olaf are getting annoying and old, not just for us young adults but also for kids as well. But Olaf wasn't that annoying. He was actually pretty funny when he needed to be, but they knew when to shut him up too. He also has a hilarious singing voice when he sings that summer song, it's like he's trying to sing like a tenor. What's actually weird about this character is that he likes summer, oh the irony of it. "i'll be doing whatever snow does in summer." Yeah... MELT! He still got a little annoying sometimes. "yeah, why? ... yeah why? ... yeah why? ..." Oh my god just get him to shut up already. But he's okay, just a stepping stone of the comical relief characters, I'm sure the next would be better.
But, lets face it, you were ALL ready to hate him.

Other than that, now we follow Anna, and her three unnecessary supporting characters. She comes acros the Elsa's magical castle... only to sing to each other and get kicked out. The duet that Elsa and Anna were doing was pretty good, they were in sync with each other, and they were in rhythm too. Though I do have another problem with this part.

Anna: :sing:Actually we're not:sing:
Elsa: :sing:What do you mean you're not?:sing:
Anna: :sing: I got the feeling you don't know.:sing:
Elsa: :sing: What do I not know?:sing:
Anna: :sing: Arandell's in deep deep deep deep snow.:sing:
Elsa: What?

Wait a minute... WHAT? how the F(beep) did she not know that?!!?
Look at the entire "let it go" sequence, she was walking on a mountain full of snow supposedly during summer. When she was singing, at some point she looked back towards her ENTIRE KINGDOM she should've seen that it was all covered in snow. Is she near sighted? How did she not know that her kingdom was in deep snow, when she clearly saw it?!!?

Anyways that still doesn't make it a bad movie, it's still good.

Then there's the twist of the story, the prince turns out to be the bad guy cliche. Well I don't think we've seen it with a prince, but we've definitely seen twists like these before. I kind of don't remember his motivation, maybe I didn't pay attention it or it's just plain stupid that I didn't even what to remember it. I never supported Anna and Hans anyways, that was just way too odd for this movie. By the way, Hans: LAMEST DISNEY VILLAIN EVER!!!

Seriously, he was boring as shit. And he was stupid. He tells Anna his secret plan, and... lets her live in hopes she would die, even though she would've purposely dropped something heavy to make loud noises and attracted the attention of nearby people, or the people downstairs to come up to her aid, and she would tell them everything.
"But Anna was weak" Then Olaf would've dropped something, and made lots of noises to attract people's attentions.

Then we fast forward to the part where Elsa is running through the frozen lake, and in doing so shes causing a blizzard that would freeze the whole town and kill everyone. Anna is running towards Kristoff, whilst he's running towards her looking for her but can't because of this blizzard, then the ice breaks Sven forces him off, and he supposedly sinks but then he crawls out of the water onboard a piece of ice, which is unrealistic because Elks don't have fingers, and the arm structure of a human, but it's an animated movie so yeah.... then Hans caught up with Elsa and told her that she supposedly killed her sister, then she emotionally drops to the ground stopping the blizzard, and everything clears up, just in time for Kristoff to see Anna and run to her, but then she convenietly sees that Hans was about to kill Elsa, and it was taking him FOR-F*CKIN-EVER TOO, He lifts the sword up above his head and it takes him so long that Anna was able to risks her life to save Elsa by jumping in front of Hans, then she turns to solid ice just in time for her to break the blade and send a shockwave to knock Hans to the ground. Oh, and good timing Ice, have you been waiting for the past I dont know TWENTY MINUTES more or less?!!? Then Elsa sees her sister is frozen and says "no" three or four times and hugs her while crying because she had done something she was trying not to do for the past few f(beep)king years, but then Anna is unfrozen because of love, which is also the answer to how Elsa can control her powers....:?
Yeah... its really cliched on so many levels. Yeah okay I'll admit I've said that word a lot but it is cliche.

And it's also kind of dumb. I mean, Love? Wow Disney, really shoving that message into people's faces there. I'll get back to this later. 

Oh, and there was also another problem with this movie.

Olaf turns on the fire.

Anna: Olaf you'll melt.

Olaf: Some people are worth melting for.

Anna smiles

Olaf: Er just maybe not right this second.

Apparently Olaf willing to melt for Anna and Anna willing to freeze for Olaf isn't an act of "true love" AT ALL!!!

Before we get to that part I'll just say that though this is a good movie, I was sort of let down by it. Hear me out, when we actually see the trailer, i was indicating that they were once great sisters, bound together by sisterhood, but when Elsa had the powers she supposedly turned bad. I think that would've been more interesting, if one of the characters had to die. It would've been really gutsy, I though Disney had the guts to do that, but not yet I guess. Disney is known for taking risks, now they're too scared?

Back to why this is really a let down, when i saw the trailer, I saw a scene where Elsa was standing on a hill, and it looks as though she was purposely releasing her powers to freeze her homeland, indicating that she had turned bad (or her powers made her turn bad). And then there was this other scene that the trailers showed, the part where Anna was like "That's no blizzard, that's my sister." also reinforcing the idea that Elsa had turned bad as well, and Anna has to stop her, both of which happen to be in this one scene. Check it out:

THIS is actually pretty intersting, and awesome... this looked like a way better movie than the one we've got, why wasn't this the final product? Why didn't we have to have someone who's powers is taking over her, than all that "wah wah, I can't control it" bulls(beep).

This was the one I was looking forward too, I was like "Finally Disney finally has the guts to do something like this." But instead when the actual movie came out, we get a somewhat weak character who doesn't know how to control her powers, not that I have anything against it, its just, the trailers advertised an almost different story than what the actual movie portrayed.

And back to my idea of one of the sisters having to die, it would've been interesting to see that if Anna had to kill her, that would've been heart breaking, which would've also proven that even though it's a Disney animated film, it doesn't need to limit itself to just being a kids movie. What is the problem with these companies? Serious animate films have been around in the past, like "Secret of NIMH," I think an underrated film, and a less serious "An American Tail" also VERY underrated but was was serious. NIMH featured talking animals which is equivalent to a kids movie, but it's barely a kids film. It's dark toned, serious, and it has deaths, and blood too. And it was a great film, what's wrong with a little seriousness?
I thought Disney had the guts to do it, I'm guessing it wasn't that time yet.

And some guy on youtube told me that the ending for this movie was the gutsy move. He/she was wrong on so many levels, and he/she also said that Elsa turning bad would've been a cliche. Maybe that's right we've seen that before, but the ending for this movie is one of the biggest cliches ever. Why? Because the main character supposedly dies, but because of love, she's revived, and then Elsa unfreezes the land, and everyone lives happily ever after because of love. Gee haven't seen that from Disney before (Snow White, sleeping beauty, beauty and the beast) So no... the ending was not a gutsy move at all, its the same move used by Disney over and over again. He/she probably didn't know what the term "having the guts" meant.

A really gutsy movie would've been if the main protagonist Anna had died, and the supposedly antagonist Elsa had lived or if the other way around, or even if they both had died, that's a gutsy move, the ending for Frozen wasn't at all.

The story was way too rushed, it's characters are underdeveloped, Elsa had too little screen time (29min:14sec total screen time), and Anna wasn't even that interesting as a character, Kristoff's was confusing, at first I thought he was taken by the trolls, I thought he had a dad or something. He was working with all these ice men at the beginning of the movie, and I thought he was working with his dad, and suddenly he was taken by the trolls but as we get further into the movie, it turned out they adopted him?!!? Wait a minute what!!! He didn't have a dad, he didn't have parents, your guess is as good as mine, the movie never explained it at all. And the trolls are basically pushovers as well, I hated them, it helps advance the comical relief, but I saw nothing funny in them. They're basicallly your typical parents that will embarrass the sh(beep) out of you. And that song was completely unnecessary, in fact, the whole thing was unnecessary, even though it was made clear at the beginning of the movie that they couldn't do jack sh(beep) to save Anna, and yet we're back there. Granted they wanted us to see how they treat Kristoff, but what do we get? pushovers. Oh, and they were singing that song, I don't remember it at all, and then they were suddenly putting Anna and Kristoff together to get married.

WHAT? Wait a minute... so the movie seems to be trying to say marrying Hans on the spur of the moment would have been bad, but letting the rock trolls surprise Anna and Kristoff with a ceremony would have been just fine?

And wait a minute there is one more thing:
Remember what I said about her parents, when I said I didn't care for them at all?
Well guess what? They were pretty stupid. Okay, get your hate mails ready because here we go... the parents were stupid. I mean I don't get what their motivations were.... They were scared yes... but they were stupid. The troll completely stated to Elsa that "fear will be your enemy" so what do the parents do? They keep her in constant state of fear by leaving her locked up in her room for the majority of her life? In what universe does this make sense? I mean the troll completely said that fear would be her enemy and yet she is so scared, and when she was getting older she was like:
Elsa: I'm scared, its getting stronger.
King of Arendalle (however you spell it): Being upset only makes it worse.

HEY I know the solution, LET HER OUT... seriously, let her out, let her go out and enjoy life, let her go and play, because this anger, and fear is the one making it stronger.
Seriously, the very first time I saw this, I WAS on the side of the parents, somewhat, but then when it got to that scene where she was scared because it was getting stronger, immediately I was like "okay, then they should let her enjoy life, because this is obviously not working." but NOOOOOOO.... they kept her in constant state of fear for the rest of her life..... yeah.... good parenting skills people.

Yeah, like I said, one of the least thought out Disney movies.

This movie had a lot of opportunities going for it to make it a great movie, but they didn't take advantage of it. Frozen is a good (or at least okay) movie, not a great one. Will it be considered a classic in years to come? In my opinion, maybe, or F*k it, it will.

Either way it was a good movie, and I'd say check it out, but I'm just barely saying it ;).

Time for comments, what did you guys think of this movie? Leave a comment below and I'll come back to you. :)

Oh and by the way, though Olaf is funny some times, he is not hilarious, if you think Olaf is hilarious, you should see those old Disney cartoons, those are hilarious. Or check out Captain Hook and Smee or however you spell his name against the crocodile in that peter pan movie. Cpt Hook is obviously the best character in that movie, and so is his first mate. And when you take the two funniest characters and put them together with the crocodile... dude, that is some of the best Disney slapstick you'll ever have. It kills me every time I see those scenes. No matter how many times I see them it just never gets old, I always burst into tears laughing. It's just... oh man it's way too much.

Like that part where Smee is about to catch Hook, but then the croc comes out of the water pushes the boat and Hook ends up in his mouth. Then Smee grabs and ore and is ready to hit the croc in the head "Give him Back!" But then hook burst out of his mouth screaming and then smee accidentally hits hook's head. Oh my god it's just way too much. I'm laughing even when typing this review, I just can't keep a straight face.

:iconcaptainhookplz:"ROW FOR THE SHIP, ROW FOR THE SHI--" Boing! :rofl:

Now Compare Olaf with those two, not even close, he is by no means as funny as Hook or Smee. Olaf is just a dumbass which is sort of funny sometimes, but it just gets old to a point where it sort of gets annoying. I did find his summer song funny though. He has a funny singing voice. Like a tenor with helium in him.

Now for a more negative point of view:

Love? Seriously? Love is the answer to all her problems? Well shit, that should've been easy. I mean yes elsa lived in fear for the majority of her life, but goddamn she loved her parents didn't she? I mean she loved her sister and it showed it at the beginning of the movie, how the F*ck did she not know that was the case? Okay she might have not had any idea that love was the answer but she still loved her sister and her parents, it should've have affect to the curse and given her a clue. Yeah this is one of the least thought out plots from Disney so far. But it's still a good movie, or at least it's just okay. Wow... Jeez of all the F(beep)king things they could F(beep)king come up with they came up with love. 

Oh and by the way, can someone tell me how Elsa got her powers?

King: uhh born, and getting stronger.

Born?..... that's it? Just born? (sighs) whatever.

Oh and for some of you disney fans out there, I'm a disney fan myself, but don't give me that "its a disney movie" bullsh(beep) because that is no excuse to how rushed this story is. Little kids won't mind it, but also think that half of the audience are also adults so a movie, Disney or not, should be ambitious. This movie is not.  Oh and "the best musical adventure since 'the lion king'"? Hardly. The story is too rushed, and full of flaws. So no, its not. At least I like this better than Tangled... Even though, I have to give Tangled the credit, it has better storytelling than "Frozen" does.

love. Ugh, we get it Disney we'll love our families, just PLEASE make another "Incredibles" already!!!!

PS: There are speculations of a possible sequel. Check it out:…. But this is just a rumor, if it does happen, could they get a better screenwriter, because this movie's plot is just deplorable.

You know, I can compare this movie Frozen to Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings. In fact Tinkerbell: SOTW is what makes Frozen even less original. Frozen deals with sisters, well Tinkerbell SOTW does that before Frozen does. Frozen has a regular sister, and her sister has snow powers, Well Tinkerbell is by no means a regular human being, she's a pixie, but her sister also has snow powers, she's a winter fairy. BUT in Frozen, the ice powers gets out of control, and freezes the entire land. Again Tinkerbell SOTW is the same shit. Yeah Frozen is completely unoriginal. It's not bad, its just unoriginal.

Why am I comparing these two? REally? Well, actually Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings is actually the better sister movie than Frozen. Why, well Frozen is a movie that just tells us that these two are sisters and they love each other, but it doesn't actually make us feel that way, and that's the most important aspect of a movie. Tinkerbell MAKEs us feel that those two are sisters, the things they are doing, they share "lost things" or "found things" with each other, it shows that they're related, it makes us feel that way. Frozen, just uses dialogue and it doesn't actually make us feel that. 

Young Anna: :sing: we used to be best buddies, but now we're not:sing:

Elsa: :sing:There's so much fear:sing:

Yeah, thanks elsa for telling us and not actually making us feel it.

For sister movies between Tinkerbell and Frozen, Tinkerbell: SOTW is the better movie, it doesn't need music at all. Then there's the Romeo and Juliet part where they need to stay separated, and then they go to a log bridge where Tinkerbell and Periwinkle hug each other, and it was so emotional, the movie takes its time with that. ITS AWESOME.

Now there have been some people who are against my criticism of the story, saying "it's a movie meant for little girls." Well that's a bit stupid on your part, because by saying that, you're basically saying little girls are stupid and will never understand a story. Just because it's for little girls, that doesn't mean the movie has to be dim witted for them. And that's the Beauty of Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings, it doesn't treat it's young children as stupid kids who won't understand a story, it treats them almost the same as adults.

Even though I am COMPLETELY against Tinkerbell having a sister, Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings made me believe that they were sisters, and now I'm not that against it, I sort of am but hey it's pretty good, even though that movie is WAY OVER-THE-TOP GIRLY, I mean seriously, all the female characters in there are like "awww" "it's so cute" "she's so cute" and I'm thinking, "oh my god shut the F(beep) up already." Yeah I should've expected that, but even if I should've expected that, it is so girly even by girls standards.
But anyways, even though it is so over-the-top girly, and whimsical, at least it convinces the audience that Tinkerbell and Periwinkle were sisters, Frozen just tells us and doesn't do anything after that, I'm still convinced that they're sisters but not convinced enough.

It's so sad to think that a Direct to DVD movie is better than a theatrically released film. Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings was the better sister movie than Frozen.


oH and check this out.

This video is now viral, you've probably seen it, if not check it out right here!

The video is actually here.

Damn that was good!

So here's the breakdown:

"From the studio that finally learned how to make pixar movies"

Well, with this movie, I'd say they're still learning.

"Comes the feature length music video for... 'Let it Go'"

I know right, this movie was pretty much all about that song, which is annoying now, if you don't believe me, just listen to the interviews, they changed the story entirely only because they were crying to this song. (well, not crying per say, they were struck by the song.)

"confusing set of powers like, snow blasting, dress making, castle building, and creating life?"

Elsa: You're alive?

Olaf: I think so.

"they kind of gloss over that one."

I know right, just proves that this movie is full of unexplained flaws.

"Fall in love with her adorkable sister Anna"

Adorkable... HAHAHAHAHAHA, she is kind of a dork.

"Who spends three years of her life, shut inside a castle, even though she could leave at any time"

Maybe she was a lazy f(beep)k.

"And who can forget, the completely unnecessary, unexplained, troll rocks."

I KNOW RIGHT? the most unnecessary group of characters EVER. Well, then there's Olaf.

"That teaches girls everywhere, they don't need a prince to rescue them, because ALL men are disgusting loners, greedy murderers, or lying manipulative power-hungry sociopaths."

WOW, this movie is really makes us guys look bad. It gives power to the women, but make us look like s(beep)....:?.... And people say Hans is relatable, yeah anyone who says Hans is relatable I'm staying the f(beep) away from, because I'm not relatable to a power hungry psychopath.

:sing:for the first time in forever, its as good as "Lion King":sing:

OH GOD NO, honestly why do people keep saying that? It's nowhere near the level of "The Lion King". That movie had a level of seriousness, back when Disney used to have the guts to show something as heartbreaking as a boy loosing his father, now its not gutsy anymore. (and people actually think this movie is gutsy, they are wrong)

"Musical journey, that's all about the soundtrack"

I know right, well at least its not as bad as "Les Miserables" that was overwhelmingly ANNOYING!!!

"The romantic duet"

Yep, they were about to pork.

"The other romantic duet"

Lets face it, this movie unintentionally supported beastiality.

"The comic relief song"

Yeah well, kinda unnecessary character, that comes in like HALF WAY through the movie, actually more then that. With another unnecessary song. At least it was funny though.

"The one you skipped"

Holy s(beep) I don't even remember this song. Was this song at the beginning?

"the song you don't know the words to"

Yeah, you know what? F(beep) this song, the most unnecessary scene, characters, and song.

"and the YOLO song"

FINALLY, someone actually sees that this song is now annoying. It was good back then, but the internet, oh my god.


"Forgotten Sarah Marshall"

HAHA. the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" reference, because Kristien Bell starred as Sarah Marshall in that movie.

"Kristoff Waltz"

HEY, the actor from "Django" and "Inglorious Bastards"... And that one animated movie you don't even remember, and all those German movies you never saw.

"Ugly Smurfs"

HAHA good one.

"Hans Gruber"

I KNEW you were gonna make a "DIE HARD" reference with that one, i knew it!!!


I would've said "Frosty the snowman"

"and, the wickedly talented Adel Dazeem"

HAHAHAHA,there's no way anyone's letting that go right? I feel bad for John Travolta now. :rofl:


Hey, wait a minute, you forgot "Rapunzel, and Flynn Cameo"... Oh well.

Oh, and one more question: Why is Kristoff's name spelled like this (Kristoff) in the script when in reality the correct way to spell it is this (Christoph)?


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