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WW2 Alternate History Part 9 (1945)


Victory in the Pacific

Battle of Okinawa:
The bombing over Japan has not been successful in breaking Japan’s will to fight. Though the Americans and Columbians had isolated the country from its vast resourceful empire, and despite the heavy casualties, they showed no signs of surrendering.

It finally dawned on the two allies that strategic bombing alone would never defeat Japan. It looked like a full scale invasion of the country is becoming inevitable. For the two allies, it looks like the next step in the land campaign was the Japanese island Okinawa.

The Island was defended by more than a 120.000 men. Their Japanese commander General Mitsuru Ishijima was determined to turn it into an allied graveyard. Once again American Admiral Nimitz assembled a huge fleet, whilst the Columbian Admiral Richard Walton assembled his massive fleet to take on the Northern part of Okinawa.

The American fleet included 40 Aircraft Carriers and 18 Battleships. The Columbian fleet had 41 Carriers and 20 Battleships. The opening bombardment of Okinawa began on the 23rd of March. Two days later the Columbian fleet arrived in the northern part and began its bombardment. It lasted all the way until the 30th.

Finally on the morning of April the 1st the assault boats headed to shore. The Americans landed first, and to their surprise they met almost no opposition. And in the Northern part of the Island the Columbians also landed with no opposition. By nightfall 60000 Americans and 58000 Columbians had landed. For the next two days the allied forces built up their strength and pushed across the island. Again opposition was unexpectedly light, and by April the 4th the Japanese defenders had been split in two. In the center of Okinawa the Americans split their forces, the Marine divisions would head north taking out the Japanese forces there and linking up with the Columbians. The American army division headed south. The US and CS marines continued to meet sporadic resistance but within two weeks they had cleared up the northern part of the island.

But it was a different story in the South. There the American army units ran into savage fire. Intense jungle warfare ensued and for ten days ten Japanese held their defense line. And then when they could no longer hold it, they simply retreated back to another defensive position and continued to resist all over again.

Meanwhile the Japanese prepared to launch a suicide assault on the invasion fleet. Over 700 aircraft, half of them Kamikaze took off, and approached the allied landing fleet. A line of radar equipped destroyers operating about 50 miles out at sea were hit first, by the end of the first day of the attack two Columbian destroyers were struck. 24 other vessels were also struck both American and Columbian. But the Japanese had lost over 300 planes. Over the following days the Japanese had introduced the Okha, or Cherry blossom, a rocket propelled suicide missile driven by a kamikaze pilot. It carried a massive 2500 lb warhead, and was launched from a bomber. On April the 12, another US destroyer was hit and sunk. The Okha was deadly but US and CS intercept fighters soon learned to shoot down the bombers that carried them.

In desperation the Japanese navy also mounted a suicide mission of its own. The Japanese super battleship Yamato filled up with just enough fuel to make it to Okinawa was ordered to beach itself and fight to the death. But as the fleet it was leaded approached Okinawa it was spotted. Some 700 US and CS aircraft hailed down on the fleet, sinking the mighty battleship. Yamato’s fireball could be seen for over a hundred miles.

Meanwhile in the southern part of Okinawa the US Army was struggling for over a month. As before when one defensive line was overrun, the Japanese would withdraw to another and the whole grim business would begin again. US casualties were mounting but the town of Shuri was finally captured. Then a group of American and Columbian marines via sea landed further to the southern tip of Okinawa, and surrounded the remaining Japanese soldiers. Savage fighting continued but by June the 17th the Japanese resistance was collapsing. Five days later the allies finally secured Okinawa. The Japanese commander General Ishijima committed Hara Kiri. Over 7000 prisoners were taken, the first time ever that such large numbers of Japanese troops had surrendered.

The allies won Okinawa but at a high cost. 100,000 Japanese Soldiers and 50,000 civilians had been killed. The Americans for their part lost over 10,000 men whilst the Columbians lost 5,000. It was a sobering reminder of what would await the allied forces if they had invaded the Japanese home islands. Once again they needed a solution, a way to obliterate Japan’s will to fight once and for all.

The Big Issue:
After the battle of Okinawa, American and Columbian military planners had to come up with what to do next. The Japanese still showed no signs of surrendering despite shattering defeats. Some argued for a continuation of the bombing campaign, but by 1945 it became cleared to the allies that bombing alone could never defeat Japan, and invasion seemed unavoidable. But the question was at what price?

The Japanese had some one million men defending the home islands. Supported by over 5,000 aircraft and new kamikaze pilots being trained all the time. Mass suicide attacks by civilian volunteers could also be expected. A bloodbath seemed inevitable. With this the war department in Washington concluded that over 10 million Japanese would lose their lives whilst a half a million American and Columbians would perish.

But then in July 1945, the new US president Harry S Truman heard about a scientific research program called the Manhattan project. American, Columbian and British scientist were working on researching on an atom bomb. It would have an unimaginable destructive force.

The Atom Bomb:
There were two different types of fuels that seemed ideal for the new bomb. The naturally occurring Uranium and the man made Plutonium. America and Columbia had a series of power plants in their countries to produce such bombs. At 5:30 in the morning of July 16th, the atomic age began. Operation trinity, the testing of the new bomb was successful. The next day the Columbians tested their new bomb as well with positive results.

The news of their success had been passed on to Columbia President Christina Holloway and the new American President Harry S. Truman. They did not hesitate. Truman and Holloway immediately ordered the new bombs be dropped on Japan.

The Americans had two bombs, one name fat man the other little boy, the Columbians had one but was developing another. Their bomb was encased in a large rocket that was similar to the German V-1. They were transported by sea to the Mariana islands. The first bomb was dropped from a B-29 named Enola Gay on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

The Uranium bomb Little Boy had the explosion power of 13000 tons of TNT. Thousands of people were instantly vaporized. Shock waves leveled buildings up to a five mile radius. Estimates of the death toll vary hugely some put it at 40000 others at 100000. On August the 7th 1945 President Truman and President Holloway together made a press conference revealing their new weapons to the world and issued Japan with a warning.

But no Japanese surrender was received. Two days later on August the 9th the Columbians took their turn and launched their new Ballistic Atom Missile from Okinawa and struck the major military port of Nagasaki. The bomb was plutonium and it was more powerful than the Uranium. In fact the bomb fell way off target but it still caused a tremendous amount of damage.

It now became very clear to the Japanese that the allies  had a new weapon. But the question remained would even this force them to surrender?

Japan’s position became more precarious. On august the 9th Soviet troops entered Manchuria in northern China. The Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin was not only after territory, he wanted a say in any final peace settlement in the far east. There were still over a million Japanese troops in the area but the Red Army Blitzkrieg was unstoppable. The Japanese position in the war had become untenable. Emperor Hirohito met with his six top military and political leaders. 3 led by the Prime minister wanted to negotiate peace, the other three wanted to continue fighting. But then the Japanese prime minister asked the Emperor for his opinion. Hirohito voted for peace, on the condition that his position as head of state was maintained.

The next morning the proposal was sent to the US Secretary of State James Byrnes. He rejected it, only unconditional surrender would do. As the Japanese war cabinet argued amongst themselves Soviet troops continued to tare into Mongolia. At the same time American and Columbian fighters now roamed freely over Japan, shooting up targets and railroad links at will.

Then on August the 14th the Truman administration sent word the Emperor’s position would be safeguarded provided that he agree to agreed to accept the orders of the supreme allied commander. Hirohito used his huge prestige to instruct his war cabinet to endure the unendurable and accept the terms. That day the Truman administration announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally.

In Every American and Columbian city cheering singing crowds erupted onto the streets. In Britain it was midnight when the news of the surrender came. Within minutes crowds appeared on the streets of London. Many gathered outside Buckingham palace. On August the 15th an astounded Japanese  people listened to the voice of their god emperor for the very first time. He told them that Japan’s position had become impossible, all military forces must lay down their arms.

Final Surrender
But in Manchuria, despite the Japanese ceasefire, the Soviet forces pushed on. For the first time large numbers of Japanese troops now surrendered. Nevertheless, the Soviets, determined to seize as much territory as possible continued to advance, Stalin wouldn’t stop the fighting for another week. By then the whole of Manchuria, half of Korea and parts of Northern china was under his control.

In other parts of the pacific islands, large pockets of Japanese troops didn’t get news of their surrender until a few days after. Some Japanese troops would retreat in the jungle and continue fighting for another 30 years. It wasn’t until August the 29th that the first American and Columbian troops arrived in Japan. The Massive U.S. and C.S fleets arrived at the ports of Japan bypassing the shattered hulks of the once proud Japanese Imperial Navy they had so comprehensively defeated.

The Japanese instrument of surrender was signed on September Second. Finally the war was over. Over 80 million lives were lost in this war. Far more civilians than Military. Though the world celebrated the fall of the Axis Powers, the European continent was in ruins, as well as Asia.

New allegiances will be formed, and the world would be split down the middle in the Cold War to come when three new Superpowers emerged from the ashes of the second world war.


Okay then, This is the second time I had to copy and paste what I wrote down on this again. Because on the initial submission I put everything in the submission page and saved it as a stash. When I finally posted it, everything was there in the submission page, after I looked at the deviation EVERYTHING I had written was gone. I don't know how the hell that happened but it pissed me the F**k off. 

Anyways thank you guys for tuning in. 

I can't take all the credit for originality. A lot of what happened in this series happened in real life, just only with my United States of Columbia involved, and Spain joined in. 

A lot of the writing is based off of the Documentary series WWII in Color so I'd like to give a shout out to that. 

Please stay tuned for the next part: The Cold War. 
WW2 Alternate History Part 8 (1945)
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Victory in Europe:

The Final Stages

In the last stages of the war Nazi Germany was in its final moments. In the west allied forces are within striking distance of the Rhine. In the East, the red army was crossing the polish border into Germany. As the allied forces battled their way in from east and west, the Germans fought them all the way. But it was a  hopeless task. By May 1945 Hitler would be dead, and Germany defeated.

In the Western front on February 1945, the allies had assembled near the Rhine for the final push into Germany. Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery stationed his troops in the north in Belgium, to their south was American General Omar Bradley’s 12th Army group, which included the US Third Army commanded by General George S. Patton. And further south was the Columbian 14th Army group commanded by General Robert M. Patterson.

The Americans were the first allied power to enter into Germany with Patton taking the lead, upstaging both Patterson and Montgomery. The war had now become a race to enter into Germany. In Italy the allies had fought the Germans to a stalemate, and in the East the Soviet Red Army attacked in Poland pushing towards the Oder river in Germany, and overran east Prussia. For the Russian commander Georgy Zhukov, it had been a triumph, he had travelled three hundred miles in just fourteen days, it was one of the fastest and longest military advances in history.

As the soviets began to head into Berlin, there was mass panic among the civilian population. The Soviets had witnessed first hand the atrocities of the German military. They have witnessed villages destroyed, their inhabitants massacred. It was very clear that the Russians were looking for revenge. There were horrific tales of Russian rape, murder and pillage. In snow and sub zero temperatures, millions of German civilians on the eastern front fled their homes and seek refuge in the west. German held ports evacuated civilians by sea along the Baltic coast, they were easy pickings for Soviet submarines. 24 German passenger ships were torpedoed, which included the cruise liner Wilhelm Gustloff, which had over 10,000 people on board, barely a thousand survived the worst loss of life ever in a single incident at sea.

Offensive in Austria

The Columbians to the South then advanced towards Vienna, the Austrian capital, where the remnants of the German Sixth Army Panzer group remained. The 6th Panzer army had been tasked by Hitler to defend Germany’s last remaining source of Oil in the Hungarian oil fields. The Soviets were approaching from the East however the Columbians under the command of General Robert Patterson was racing to take the Austrian Capital. The Columbians were also joined by the Austrian Resistance group. The offensive began on March 30th and lasted until the 13th of April. After the fall of Vienna, the remaining German forces in Austria surrendered. the outnumbered them and pushed them back. By now, the 6th Panzer army group was a spent force. Their commander SS General Suf Dietrich had no illusions. “We call ourselves” he said “the 6th Panzer Army because we only have 6 panzers left.” The C.S. Army swept them aside and took Vienna. Columbian General was swift in his statement saying that "The Russians can have Berlin, in return we're taking Vienna."

The Columbians quickly swept across Austria before the Russians could do so in an effort to gain more territory they would occupy in the post war years. Though they were allies with the Russians, the western allies and the Soviets were beginning to grow some suspicion of each other. The Columbians thought Austria should become part of the Western sphere of influence and so raced across the country to take Vienna. That meant that the Columbians advanced the farthest east than any other western allies. Austria would become one of the beneficial key states in the future Cold War. But as they did so the question now became, who would be the first to reach Berlin? Would it be the red army or the western allies? The race for Berlin had become not just a military but a political issue.

At the Yalta Conference, The Big Four allies meetup to discuss the post-war reorganization of Europe. They had agreed to divide Germany into four different zones of occupation. The Soviets wanted to annex East Poland which they would after the war, in return the Pols were granted the Prussian region and parts of Eastern Germany. Berlin was firmly in the Russian zone of influence. So General Eisenhower told his troops to ignore Berlin and spread out and take the rest of the German Country.

Across Germany

Meanwhile the Americans surrounded the Germans in the industrial cities in the Ruhr. German soldiers occupying the are put up a stiff resistance. Two weeks later the area fell, and more than 325,000 troops were taken prisoner. It was one of the largest number of German prisoners taken in the war so far. The German commander Field Marshal Walter Model committed suicide.

Meanwhile in the North, under Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, the British were beginning to liberate Holland. The Dutch had suffered horrendously during the winter of 1944-45. The Germans had taken the supply of food and fuel from the country to use elsewhere. There were widespread deaths from starvation and coal. The town of Arnhem was seized on April the 15th 1945. The British liberated Groningen close to the Dutch north coast, which left the Germans at Amsterdam surrounded. Soon after they negotiated a cease fire. And now allied airplanes now roared over the Dutch countryside dropping food and medical supplies.

At the same time the British second army pushed across the north German plain. Osnabruck fell on April the 4th followed by Bremen, it took nine days of house to house fighting before the port was secured. Two days later they reached the Lauenburg.

Concentration Camps

But as the allies advanced across Germany, they came across horrific new evidence of the Nazi’s final solution. In early April 1945, the US troops overran a concentration camp at Ohrdruf near Weimar. A visibly shocked General Eisenhower paid a visit. Piles of bodies were left behind by the SS. Eight days later the British troops discovered another concentration camp at Belsen, north of Hanover. Here they discovered over 70,000 prisoners. Thousands were already dead, the remainder were starving and disease ridden. In the southern part of Germany, the Columbians discovered the Camp of Flossenburg, east of Nuremberg.

Meanwhile in Italy, the German front was also starting to collapse. The German forces had dug themselves in across the Apennine mountains. After the British launched an attack the German commander General Heinrich von Vietinghoff unconditionally surrendered on the 29th of April. This was the first formal surrender of any German forces in Europe, the war is moving swiftly towards a conclusion.

Back in Germany, American and Soviet forces met up on the River Elbe near Leipzig. It was a terrific allied military and political event. East meets west, soon after, Columbian and British troops joined in for the cameras to boost morale back home.

The stage was set for the final assault on Berlin, Hitler became desperate, he now turned to the old and very young to defend his city. His thousand year reich was preparing for its final apocalyptic struggle to survive. Joseph Stalin had ordered his top commanders to capture Berlin.


Russia’s most successful commander Marshal Georgy Zhukov would make the main assault directly towards Berlin. A second group of Soviet Armies under Marshal Ivan Konev would bypass the city and push deep into Germany. Between them they represented a massive Soviet force of two and a half million men, equipped with 6000 tanks, and 40000 guns mortars and rocket launchers. But the Germans were never going to make it easy, in contrast to the Russian force, the Germans defended the city with about a million troops.

By now Hitler had retired to a bunker under the Reich’s chancellery. He was a heavily medicated and shambling figure, spending much of his time issuing increasingly unrealistic orders to largely imaginary armies. His public appearances were becoming ever more rare. In early march he paid a visit to some of the troops preparing to defend the oder line east of berlin in front of the Zhukov’s army. Then later that month he emerged to inspect a small group of Hitler youth soldiers. It was his last appearance before the camera.

Meanwhile back in America, the American flag over the White House flies at half staff. The US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt had died of a heart attack. He had been one of the architects of the war, responsible for throwing America’s might behind the allied offensive. His coffin was visited by Columbian President Christina J. Holloway and her husband.

Three days after Roosevelt's death Zhukov began his offensive. However the Russians faced unexpectedly heavy resistance, for the Germans had been expecting an attack. When Zhukov threw in his tanks they too were bogged down. Meanwhile in the south the assault by Konev second group of armies had gone better. After this was evident, Stalin stoked the rivalry between his commanders by ordering Konev to advance northward into Berlin. He was only too happy to see a race to take the city. Three days after intense fighting Zhukov and Konev were approaching on Berlin, the two armies met up on the 25th of April and began the final assault on Berlin.

As the fighting bogged on the Civilians began emerging from the cellars, but the Russians took little notice to their flags surrender. The rape of German women and girls was widespread. Soviet troops began their assault on the Reichstag, the German parliament building. The Russians then later put the red flag over the building. The event was restaged for the cameras but by then Hitler was already dead. On the 30th of April as fighting raged overhead, the man whose insane ambitions embroiled the world in war, laid waste a continent and led to the extermination of millions of Jews took his own life.

Final Surrender

But the fighting would continue. Hitler named Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz as his successor, and for the next few days the new leadership attempted to salvage something from its nation cataclysmic defeat. One day after Hitler’s death, the German people were told that the Fuhrer had fallen in battle. But they were told to continue the fight against the Bolshevik menace, however, the German leadership was falling apart. In Berlin Joseph Goebbels and Martin Bormann tried to negotiate a city wide ceasefire with the Russians. But Zhukov demanded unconditional surrender of all German troops everywhere. It was more than Goebbels and Bormann could deliver. The fighting would continue. Later that evening Goebbels’ wife would kill their six children and commit suicide themselves. On the same night Bormann disappeared. Eventually a 1990s DNA testing confirmed that a body found in Berlin was his. The next morning Berlin surrendered. By mid afternoon all fighting in the city had stopped.

The momentum of surrender began to speed up. Doenitz tried to discuss a peace deal with the west but carefully avoided any references with the Russians. Eisenhower rebuffed him, and declared that only unconditional surrender of all German troops was acceptable. The Document of Unconditional surrender was signed on May 7th 1945, to be effective by the end of May 8th.

Across Europe, America, Columbia and Russia, Large crowds celebrated the end of the war in Europe. From now on May the 8th, the day after the German surrender would be known as VE day. Victory in Europe.

But as the celebrations continued, many were aware of two very sobering issues. In the East, Japan was still fighting. And in Europe, the continent lay in ruins, and huge problems needed to be solved. Millions of concentration camp victims and slave labors would need help to rebuild their lives. Millions of captive German troops would need to be screened for war criminals. The SS was a particular target, it had committed some of the worst atrocities. Leading Nazis like Herman Goering were rounded up and paraded for the cameras. Other top Nazis arrested included civilian leaders like Albert Speer, and military leaders like Yodi and Doenitz. They would be put on trial in the German city of Nuremberg for crimes against humanity.

Two months after the German surrender the allies met in the berlin suburb town of Potsdam. Germany was divided between four zones of occupation: Soviet, British, American, Columbian. Berlin was also divided between the allies despite being in the Soviet Zone. The peoples in Europe would also be divided, some would live under the control of the Western allies, some under Communist Russia. But before any of this could be faced, there was still the war in the Pacific to be won.
WW2 Alternate History Part 7 (1944-1945)


European Theater

Post D-Day

Once the allies had set up a foothold in France and Spain, other allied forces in Italy were reassigned to attack southern France in what was known as Operation Dragoon. This operation was designed to be executed in conjunction with Operation Overlord but due to the lack of supplies and the necessities needed for the invasion (most of which were reserved for Operation Overlord and Operation Titan [invasion of Spain]) it was postponed until reconsidered in mid June, as a result it was approved in July to take place in August.

The goal was the secure crucial ports in the French Mediterranean coast to up the pressure on the occupying Germans. The Americans British Columbians and French were all involved in the invasion along with the uprising of the Free French Forces in Germany. This combined with the fact that the allies had achieved total air supremacy over Europe led to the swift end of Germany’s occupation of France.

Once the landings had begun the Allied forces landed virtually unopposed. The British had always opposed the landings and regarded it as a diversion, but the United States had regarded it as a central part of clearing the Germans out of France. The Americans, and Columbians were greeted by an ecstatic civilian population. They together with their French allies  were soon advancing rapidly Rhone Valley to liberate the French town of Lyons, and ten days later they reached Dijon linking up with General Patton’s third army. German units fled the area.

In barely three weeks of headlong advance, the allied invasion of Europe had liberated most of France, and had by now led Paris, where the free French forces began to rise up against their German occupiers.

Meanwhile in Spain, the Columbian-led allied forces were swiftly advancing through the terrain, taking town after town and fighting against a beleaguered and by now morally drained Spanish army. Though Spain with the help of Germany and Italy had made advances in its military, the allied were by 1944 more prepared and ready for war than their axis counterparts. Though there was one town in Spain where the Spanish put up a huge fight, the Spanish town of Salamanca.

In conjunction with the Columbian-led allied forces landing in the northern part of Spain, another Columbian-led force was landing in Spanish occupied Portugal in the town of Porto, roughly a few hundred miles north of Portugal’s capital city Lisbon. The Spanish town of Salamanca was the only town that would link up the north and west allied forces so both the Allies and the Axis knew that Salamanca was a strategically important town to take.

However, the Spanish put up a big fight despite being outnumbered and outgunned, and despite the fact that the Allies had total air superiority over the skies. There were over 30,000 Spanish men in that town that had fended off the Allied forces with orders to fight to the death from Francisco Franco. It took the allies over a period of two weeks to finally take the town. Over 5000 allied troops were killed and over 15000 Spanish troops had perished. The town was taken linking the North and Western forces together, but the defeat of the Spanish in Salamanca meant that the Spanish capital city of Madrid was left wide open for coming allied invasion.

But by now the people have had enough of Francisco Franco, they began to rise up against him and throw him out of office. The same thing that had happened to Benito Mussolini was now happening in Spain. The allied forces were by the last few days of July and at the start of August. Franco had attempted to flee but he was captured and taken into custody. Then on August 19. 1945 Spain finally surrendered. A lot of the Spanish welcomed the allied forces, but some of them still had critical thoughts towards their conquers. It wasn’t until the Marshall Plan when they finally began to have a more positive mood towards them. 

Liberation of Paris and March Towards Germany

For Hitler the fall of Spain was another monumental disaster, he had lost two of his closest allies in the fight, and in Europe the final phase of the war was about to play out. The allied forces were squeezing in on Germany through France, the Soviet Union was approaching from the east. Now he is caught in the middle and he made a last desperate attempt to break out of the allied strangle hold.

While he was doing so, Stalin had by now began to re-draw the political map of Europe, in a attempt to secure the Soviet Union's future, but as the Russians began to advance and acquire territory they came across some of the shocking and brutal discoveries in modern history, that will come to question the very nature of humanity. The world was about to discover the true horror of the Nazi regime.

But first, in August of 1944 allied troops were arriving in Paris. Even as Hitler desperately signaled his generals “is paris burning?” the German troops were overwhelmed and had finally surrendered to the approaching allied forces. The Americans were the first in Paris. As everyone else arrived, Paris threw itself into an Orgey of celebration. Many of the western troops were greeted with open arms by the Parisians, men were kissed by women. The following day the leader of the french free forces Charles De Gaulle arrived in the city and claimed the glory for the city’s liberation.

Meanwhile whilst he was taking the credit, the allied forces continued the fighting. After Spain’s capitulation, Columbian led allied forces immediately began mobilizing into France and joined with the rest of the Allied forces to head into Germany, and the German forces retreated in confusion. But the allies were running into a logistical problems, as the Germans were fleeing, they trashed the French ports, which meant that the supplies being shipped in from britain would have to unload in the beaches of Normandy and then travelled several hundred miles to their essential destination, truck convoys would roll on day and night towards the front. But it was becoming increasingly impossible to bring in enough supplies particularly fuel, to maintain the allied advance. The allied advance slowed, and Hitler took the opportunity to strike back at allied morale by targeting civilian areas, mostly Britain. He decided to unveil the new German miracle weapon. Vengeance Weapon 1, or the V-1 flying bomb, what would later evolve into the future Cruise Missile.

The V-1 flying bombs rained death and destruction on the British civilian cities. Their loud buzzing would cause panic and confusion amongst the civilian population. Up to a hundred V1s a day would be launched towards British cities. In response, the allies set up an umbrella of anti aircraft guns to shoot down the oncoming bombs. The RAF would later intercept the bombs with Britain’s very first operational Jet Fighter; The Gloster Meteor. But still the V1s kept arriving, only when the allies tracked down their launch sites in Northern France did they stop. But the reprieve was only temporary, for the Germans had a second weapon up their sleeves. The V2 rocket. On september 8th 1944 the first V2 hit london. They were launched from greatly concealed launch sites some 200 miles away, and for 6 months the British had no response, over 1100 V2s were launched at British cities. Again only when the allies pushed them back far enough until they were out of range did they stop. Yet despite the damage and horror the V2s caused, British Morale remained unbroken.

The Warsaw Uprising

As the Russians were advancing forward towards Germany, the Polish Underground Resistance led by the Home Army decided to strike back against their German Occupiers. However it wasn’t to end as planned, and would be a keen example of Stalin’s cruelty and how Communism would play in the future Cold War to come.

The Uprising began on the First of August as part of a nationwide Operation Tempest launched at the time of the Soviet Luben-Brest offensive. Their goal is to push the Germans out of Warsaw and assist the allies in defeating the Nazis, but there was also a political part of it. Before the Uprising, Stalin was beginning to redraw the political map of Germany. He aimed to create a buffer zone between the Soviet Union and Germany, particularly the western allies to secure the future for the Soviet Union, this was in essence, a preparation for the future cold war. So the Polish Underground Resistance aimed to liberate themselves, and confront the Soviet Union with an independent Poland. The Red Army was sitting outside of Warsaw as the uprising took place, but they were ordered to halt and not intervene.

As the Uprising began to fall apart via stiff German counter attacks, the Red Army still did nothing. Stalin claimed that the red army needed to stock up on supplies and reinforcements, but in reality it was far more gruesome. The Polish Home Army was pro-western and hated the Russians, so Stalin decided to let the Germans obliterate them. Arthur Koestler called the Soviet attitude "one of the major infamies of this war which will rank for the future historian on the same ethical level with Lidice." The westerners Roosevelt, Churchill and Holloway were appalled by Stalin’s handling of the situation. Churchill decided to plead with the other three great leaders to help their allies, though Roosevelt and Stalin didn’t agree, Holloway went along with it. The British and Columbians, without soviet air clearance, sent over 600 low level supply drops by the RAF, CAF, South African Air Force, and Polish Air Force. The US Army Air Force later participated in this as well but none of the allies were granted the rights to land their bombers in Poland. After the uprising failed, Stalin moved in, his plan had worked, and Poland would become a key buffer zone in the cold war.

Eastern Offensive

After the Soviets Launched “Operation Bagration,” an offensive in Belarus that almost completely destroyed the German army group center, they launched another offensive that forced the Germans from Western Ukraine and Eastern Poland, which resulted in the failed Warsaw Uprising. The Red Army also launched a strategic offensive in Romania called the Jassy-Kishinev Operation which took place from August 20 to 29th 1944. The fighting resulted in an encirclement and destruction of the German forces, which prompted the soviets to move on to Germany afterwards. This also triggered a successful Coup d'etat in Romania and Bulgaria and shifted their alignment to the allies side.

Market Garden

Meanwhile in mainland Europe the allied advance reached Brussels on September the 3rd 1944, and the next day the British forces took the huge Belgium port of Antwerp, it was still intact, and here at last seemed an answer to the allies logistical problems. New supplies could pour in through the port, but it wasn’t to be simple. Antwerp was 40 miles from the sea up the river Scheldt. The Germans still occupied the northern part of the river, there they would dig in and shell any passing allied ship carrying supplies for the allied forces, the river was also mined, which meant the port was unreachable from the sea. The allied armed forces now desperately short on supply was in danger of grinding to a halt. It was now that Bernard Montgomery came up with a bold, even reckless idea.

His idea was, instead of advancing with a large number of troops through a wide front, why not use a smaller force to punch a single hole through the German defenses. It would be faster and much more economical. The idea was to drive a small force from the east side of Antwerp across southern Holland into the town of Arnhem, near the German border. From there the allies would be flanking the huge German Siegfried line and head deep into the heart of Germany. The allies hoped this would end the war in Europe by Christmas.

Montgomery’s boss General Eisenhower who had long favored a wide steady advance had agreed to Montgomery’s plan. The plan was dubbed Operation Market Garden, a British led operation consisting of British Americans and Columbian airborne forces and tank groups. First the airborne troops went in and captured the bridges, some with little resistance, some with more resistance whilst the tanks would then advance across these held bridges and head north. But as the Americans and Columbians head further north they encountered surprisingly heavy resistance. Meanwhile at Arnhem British airborne forces had dropped in and began moving to take the bridge, but they ran into two German panzer divisions. The British forces then sent in reinforcements of men and machines, but were cut to pieces by enemy fire below.

Market Garden was a disastrous failure, the allies had not expected such stiff resistance in Holland. The British paratroopers in Arnhem had surrendered, and the war on the western front seemed to have grounded to a standstill again.

Then Columbian forces began to siege the northern part of the river Scheldt, to clear a path for the ships towards Antwerp. It was made difficult for the Germans had flooded most of the area. It took the Columbian troops three weeks to clear out the river bank of German machine guns and artillery. But still they clung on to the strategically important Walcheren Island. Only when the Columbian special forces and British commandos were sent in to take island on November the 1st  1944 did they manage to clear the way for allied minesweepers to clear the sea of mines. Then three weeks later on November 28, the first allied supply ships reached Antwerp. At last, the allies can finally move on towards the German frontier, but just as they begin to do so the weather changed. Autumn rain turned the battlefield into a swamp, and again the allied advance had to stop. The final defeat of Germany would have to wait until the spring.

Battle of the Bulge

But as the allies were digging in waiting for the winter to pass, Hitler was planning is final desperate gamble, it would be the last major German offensive in the war. It would force the German war machine to use up what's left of its fuel, but if it paid off, it might even give Germany a better chance in the war. Hitler’s plan was to burst through the allied line in the Ardennes hills, and head straight for Antwerp and retake it, if he could do that, it would disrupt allied cargo and put them to a halt, and maybe might force the allies to sue for peace.

On the 16th of December, Hitler struck back. Tanks, vehicles, half tracks, and what was the final reserves of troops for Germany pushed through the allied line. The Americans and Columbians were taken completely by surprise. It was mostly the Americans who took the brunt of the battle, there was chaos and confusion initially. But then the Americans re-organized themselves and struck back. There was fierce resistance on the northern part of the offensive near the Elsenborn Ridge and in the south around Bastogne, which blocked German access to key roads to the northwest and west which they counted on in order to succeed. Columns and Armor of infantry who were supposed to be advancing along parallel routes found themselves on the same road. This and terrain that favored the defenders threw the Germans advance behind schedule, giving the Americans time to bring in supplies and reinforcements. Then later, improved weather conditions permitted allied air force to attack German ground forces and supply lines which sealed the failure of the offensive. In the wake of the battle, the German army was left severely depleted of men and equipment, and it ended Germany’s ability to wage an offensive battle for the duration of the war.

Pacific Theater

Allies Pushing Back

By the start of July 1944, Commonwealth forces in Southeast Asia had repelled the Japanese sieges in Assam, pushing the Japanese back to the Chindwin River while the Chinese captured Myitkyina. In September 1944, Chinese force captured the Mount Song to reopen the Burma Road. In China, the Japanese had more successes, having finally captured Changsha in mid-June and the city of Hengyang by early August. Soon after, they invaded the province of Guangxi, winning major engagements against Chinese forces at Guilin and Liuzhou by the end of November and successfully linking up their forces in China and Indochina by mid-December.

In the Pacific, American and Columbian forces continued to press back the Japanese perimeter. In mid-June 1944, the Americans began their offensive against the Mariana and Palau islands, and, along with their Columbian allies, decisively defeated Japanese forces in the Battle of the Philippine Sea. These defeats led to the resignation of the Japanese Prime Minister, Hideki Tojo, and provided the United States and Columbian States with air bases to launch intensive heavy bomber attacks on the Japanese home islands.

Meanwhile in the Island of New Guinea, The Columbian forces were beginning to move further inland to drive the Japanese forces out of the jungle and destroy their ability to wage war there in conjunction with the American offensive to retake the Philippines thus also contributing to General Macarthur promise he made earlier “I shall return,” and further put a dent in the Japanese Empire.

Meanwhile in the Island of New Guinea , Columbian-led allied forces, which were commanded by Columbian General Julius Wayland who was as enthusiastic as his American counterpart Macarthur, began plotting a massive offensive to re-take the rest of the Island from the Japanese. In October, the Columbians began pushing the Japanese back further across the Island encounter ever stiffer resistance, they were also followed by their Australian allies. The Columbians were also shocked at the amount of Banzai charges the Japanese would mount in a desperate effort to push the Columbians back, but well placed machine gun positions shred them apart. The Japanese were eventually pushed to the town of Kaimana where the Japanese mounted a desperate defense. Before the Columbians could move in, they weakened the Japanese defenses via air attacks. Bombers, gunships, fighters all contributed in putting a dent in the last patch of Japanese imperial forces in the Island of New Guinea. The Columbian forces with their brand new and large MBT-34 Battle tanks, the first one ever with 105mm guns, moved in. It took another week to sweep out the remaining Japanese resistance. Finally on November of 1944, the Japanese surrendered. The Island of New Guinea had been liberated by the Columbians, but it also came at a horrendous cost of military and civilian lives.

In the Philippines, American forces invaded the Filipino island of Leyte; soon after, Allied naval forces scored another large victory in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, one of the largest naval battles in history. The Naval battle in both Islands destroyed the last remnants of the once proud Imperial Japanese Navy. The American and Columbian Navies were quickly becoming the largest and most powerful in the world at rates the Japanese can’t match, there seemed little to no hope in repelling their onslaught. After New Guinea and the Philippines were retaken by the allies, the navies of the two nations began targeting the Japanese merchant fleet containing food, fuel, raw materials. The Submarines of both fleets sunk so much, that they began to run out of targets. The Americans had the Gato, Balao, and Tench class submarines, the Columbians had the Pluto, Equator, and Shark class submarines with the Shark being the largest. It was over 450 feet long with a beam of 60 feet, it was the largest submarine class in the world surpassing even the largest Japanese I-400 submarines. Not only was the submarine large, it was also very modern for its time. The hull of the sub was very aerodynamic which made it ideal for travelling underwater. Its size also made it possible for it to carry more than enough torpedoes to sink merchant ships. For the next few months Japan was being starved into near defeat. The Americans and Columbians had succeeded in the Pacific, where the Germans had failed in the Atlantic, to bring an island nation to near defeat. But the Japanese were refusing to surrender, and it looks as though the Americans and Columbians would have to invade Japan in order to achieve victory in the Pacific, which is something they dread after experiencing the horrors of the Island hopping campaign, the New Guinea campaign, and the Philippines. An alternative solution had to be found.

Bombing of Japan

The another solution than by sea was by air. The twin nations partook in bombing the Japanese cities, towns and villages. Both air forces believed that targeting the industrial complex of Japan would end their ability to wage war. The Americans introduced the B-29 Superfortress which did 65% of the bombing, but then they later introduced in late 1944-45 large Convair B-36 Peacemaker. This large six engine bomber was almost twice the size of the Superfortress, at 162 feet long and a 230 foot wingspan. It had a much higher service ceiling than the Superfortress, which further weakened Japan’s ability to defend its homeland considering most of their air planes don’t reach that high.

The Columbians also had their D-30 Avenger which was the four engine counterpart of the Superfortress capable of carrying more bombs than other bombers in its arsenal, then they also introduced a six engine bomber the D-38 Titan, at 170 feet long with a 240 foot wingspan it is the largest flying bomber in the world with the Peacemaker being the second largest.  January 1945 after taking the Chinese Island of Taiwan from the Japanese, and armed with the ultra advanced bombers, the Americans and Columbians began their firebombing campaign on the cities of Japan, mostly concentrated at Tokyo.

But for all their advancements, there were some problems for the four bombers. By flying so high, it meant the Japanese fighters couldn’t reach them, but it also meant that bombing would be inaccurate. Strong winds would push the bombs off targets. The Solution would be to fly lower, but that would make the bombers dangerously exposed to Japanese fighters. Which meant that the Allies needed island bases to house their long range fighters ever closer to Japan. Iwo Jima would be one of those island bases. It was here were one of the most famous and iconic American pictures were taken, the rising of the American flag on Iwo Jima.

As the Americans took Iwo Jima, the Columbians sailed for an Archipelago a few more miles up north from Iwo. The archipelago contained three islands named Chichi-Jima, Anijima, and Ototojima. After taking these islands, the Americans and Columbians can use their Mustang and Stallion fighters to escort the large bombers to their targets and back.

The Firestorms created by the bombings in Tokyo were devastating, the flimsy wooden homes stood no chance, windows were melting. The flight crew from the bombers would report seeing people burned alive. The glow of the fire from Tokyo could be seen from 150 miles away, an eerie sight for the bomber crews. But taking these islands came at a cost. In Iwo Jima there were 20,000 Japanese defenders, over at Chichi Jima and the other two, there around the same amount. 90% of the defenders were killed, up to 200 for each surrendered and others were missing. At Iwo Jima, the Americans suffered up to 26000 casualties whereas the Columbians suffered up to 22000. The taking of these two islands, which were Japanese territory, would be a sobering reminder of what was to come.

But, out of all the bombings, Japan showed now sign of breaking. For the Allies, it looks as though a full scale invasion of Japan is inevitable. This led to the Joint American-Columbian invasion of Okinawa, and use it as a jumping off point for the Invasion of Japan. The Battle of Okinawa would go on to be one of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific Theater of WWII.
Overwatch Halloween 2017
Well guys its Finally Halloween. Go Trick or treating and be safe out there tonight, and watch it with the candy will yah. I mean sure its good but damn I used to eat too much on Halloween as a kid. XD

Mercy looks so hot in the Witch skin, I dare say it is the best skin for her. 

So instead of Zomnics this time I wanted something more brutal. The witch using her magic to turn ordinary people into her own servants. Zombies and what not would serve her. So yeah.  

Well here you have it guys. Summer time is here, and you know what that means? Fun times for all, though I want to apply for internships and so on. I know I've been pretty silent on this for a while guys, I've been on a long Hiatus so hear me out.

I'm gonna start doing some art here in a little while whether it be SFM or drawing but yeah. I might do some Disney shit, and I might make my own ocs and stuff but yeah. Thank you guys for watching and being patient with me. I've vastly improved on drawing and using Gimp so yeah. XD See you guys.
Happy New Year everybody.

Or at least its still New Years Eve but you get the point.

To some of my followers who watched me, thank you. I'm sorry I haven't been that productive but I've been doing some other things like getting involved with making short films and acting and stuff. Things are going quite well. I'm still working on some of my alt-history shit and am working on some other artwork. I've been getting much better with GIMP and am looking forward to doing more stuff. ;) Thanks for the watch, faves, and other stuff. And again, happy new year people!!!

from COLD WAR II news

to FROZEN FEVER screenshots

to BIG HERO 6 review and boy did it suck.

Good day everyone and jesus, its been a while since I've done anything on DA. Looks like I'm back and I'm gonna be doing some more stuff on here. We're gonna go on to the review.

But first on the news, we are now in Cold War II. Yes that is right people, tensions between NATO and Russia have increased dramatically due to Russia's role in the Ukranian crisis, and though it is not officially called that, it is leaning towards it. But you can search up "cold war II" on google, and it'll show up on Wikipedia. So yeah... to nuclear weapons and the end of the world people. :)

Meanwhile in other news, Frozen Fever pics have arrived, yes all you Frozen freaks, I think you'll love this, even though you probably already know it, but I'm sure you'll love to see pictures of it won't yah.... here you go:


Anyways, you've heard some cold war ii news, you've seen some Frozen Fever pics, now lets get on with Big Hero 6 shall we?

pretty much this movie is Disney's "Incredibles" only "The Incredibles" was WAY WAY BETTER!

Big Hero 6, so this movie is about 5 kids and an inflatable doll who become heroes and fight crime.... hence the name "big hero 6"

Now referring back to what I said before "and boy did it suck" well it didn't necessarily suck for it wasn't even that bad, it also wasn't as good too. Is it better than frozen? Yeah obviously it is. However like Frozen it sill suffers from the same things like, lack of character development, story development, pacing, directing, originality, and other things etc.

First the movie starts off with a boy named Hiro.... HIROHITO. LOL sorry I just watch a miniseries called "The Pacific" and now I got WW2 in my mind right now. Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito, yeah you get it.

He goes up in an illegal robot match against a mob boss.... oh a mob boss ey? I bet he looks like Al Capone...

Sort of right?

Anyways he was about to get beaten up by the bosses goons until his brother came in to save him. Okay now this is where we get to know the characters, Hiro is the guy who sees himself as too smart for everybody. He doesn't want to go to school but his brother takes him to school to meet the other guys.

There is Honey Lemon:

the..... really crazy chick and that's a bit of an understatement...... She is incredibly hyper and me personally, I don't like that, I don't like it when girls are that hyper.

Then there is Gogo

........ Yeah, her name is F@#$KING Gogo..... LOL I guess you guys know what the definition of gogo is.....

Yeah, I mean wow disney, we all know you like sexing up characters but damn....

(yes yes yes, I know that was her name in the comics, but still that is a dirty name :) )

Gogo, is this sassy like tomboy who likes going fast.

Then we met Wasabi.....

The black guy of the group, and he seems to be a very organized person, until Gogo takes a tool from his table.

And then there is Fred:

good god fred, I sort of hated fred guys, its practically Rough nut from How To Train Your Dragon. Either that or tough nut, honestly they're the same pretty much.

Okay, now lets get more into detail with character development...

So first off, character development. Well really I know Hiro is the main character, but the movie is called Big Hero 6, so it should be about the other guys as well. The character development in this movie is... a tad bit better than Frozen, in that Hiro is only somewhat well developed, but his friends are, just not at all. Seriously, the only developing time they spend together is when they're first introduced. They get nicknames and stuff, and that's pretty much it. They don't take the time to develope these characters enough. The only time they're all together again, is the second time when Hiro does the show thing, and the car chase, training, and fighting. Well granted they play a big role, but seriously... character development in all of them please. Because so far, all I can see is three out of 6 of them annoying as hell. Honey Lemon... don't even get me started on her, she was annoying as hell in the beginning. Whereas in the comics... she was SEXY AS F@#$!!!!

Seriosly look at that:

Yes that's honey lemon in the comics.... That is sexy!!! And according to the comics, she likes to use her beauty to distract her enemies.

In the movie she's.... well...

Yeah... THAT.

Oh and apparently according to Disney, she's supposed to be a Latin girl...... LOOK AT THAT!

Does she even look latin?!!?

I.... don't even get me started with Fred.

Wasabi... was okay really. I actually liked how he gets goofy sometimes and he actually calms down a bit... But still like I said, I have an issue with this. The movie just puts them in as comic relief, and no more development. Thats why I hate Honey Lemon and Fred because they don't put much more effort other than..... stupidity.

Gogo... (LOL THAT NAME!!!!) Was actually my favorite of all the supporting characters. She is curv---- (record scratch) I mean cool, really cool ^^;. But yeah, even though she wasn't that well developed, I've grown more to like her than any of the other supporting character, really because she doesn't go crazy like the others do. Like me, she's like "GET ON WITH IT!!!" yeah, I'm pretty sure she is the embodiement of us Disney fans getting tired of comic relief characters. Disney... you're somewhat headed in the right direction. Funny thing is, is that everyone loves this character, more than the others. MORE than honey lemon, clearly proving that crazy comical relief characters are getting old. And its all thanks to you people!! Thank You!!!!

Baymax... "its so hard not to love Baymax" No... actually its so easy for me not to love him. I did like him a little but that's pretty much it. He somewhat got annoying but at least they were able to calm him down a bit...

My favorite part of the movie was when Hiro takes the chip out of Baymax that turns him into a terminator. Okay... see, THIS is what I'm talking about, I've grow to like Baymax, and Hiro (mostly Hiro) because it got really dark. This is why this movie is better than Frozen, because it is going dark like other Disney movies in the past have done. The part where Baymax is trying to kill Mr. Callahan was creepy in a sense that Hiro is so filled with rage, and he's put that in Baymax and now Baymax is filled with rage and hurting Hiro's friends. His friends are trying to stop him but in vain, the music builds up blocking out other sounds, until Honey Lemon puts the chip back into Baymax, I don't know how she did it so fast but yeah. You clearly see in their faces that they were scared of him.

This reminded me of How To Train Your Dragon 2, and clearly Disney is learning again from Dreamworks. That scene where Hiccups dad was killed was one of the greatest scenes in that movie. Until I saw that, I've always thought of back in the day where death was in Disney, and Dreamworks movies, I was thinking "yeah they don't make them like that anymore" until I saw HTTYD2.

And this movie included a dark part, still not enough for me to call this one of Disney's best but, its okay. Then there was another part where Callahan's daughter was part of Stargate SG1.... er something like that. The daughter dies and Mr Callahan goes on a revenge campaign. This was where I was "okay really getting there Disney, really recovering."

But then again Baymax was like "I'm detecting signs of life" I was like "oh, its the daughter isn't it."

Than they rescue the daughter and everyone lives happily ever after. "Really?... (sigh) of course!"

During the daughter's rescue, we are driven through an emotional test where Baymax sacrifices his life to save Hiro. This scene was actually pretty touching. Not gonna lie, it was sort of like the Iron Giant but definitely not as good. The emotions in the face of Hiro was there, and it was amazing as well. Baymax sacrifices his life for Hiro, and the city is saved from catastrophie. Then again, Hiro discovers the chip hidden in Baymax's fist, and..... yeah. Of course.

Like I said... EVERYONE lives happily ever after. Except for the villain of course.

Now before you throw that Tadashi card at me, note this.... he is the Father figure... granted he's not really the father, he's the brother but he might as well be. So... yeah.

The pacing for the movie, is quick really. Too quick. The part where Hiro wants to get into the school, and he makes his project to show off... It really RUSHES through that. Okay in the scene of the garage, you'll see that he's working on the stuff... but you'll also get to get a glimps of his friends for a very short time... See that's not good. Because THAT was a great oppertunity for us to get to know his friends better. That was a great oppertunity to improve the characters, but no.

Than people say thay actually cry to this movie.... (sighs) seriously? You people cry to THIS!!! WOW....  Honestly its just like Frozen. Why did people cry to frozen? It wasn't sad at all. Neither was this movie.

Now I'm waiting for someone to call me heartless here.

Anyways.... Big Hero 6

Rating: 6.2/10

Little better than Frozen, but still has some learning to do disney.


You see Disney?!!?!!? THIS is how you make a well thought out story!!!!


I know this review is late, but you're gonna want to hear me out on this one ;)
Welcome back ladies and gents! Today we will be reviewing… How To Train Your Dragon 2.

I snuck into HTTYD2 after watching Jersey Boys that’s a good movie too in fact:

Great music, good movie. ;)

Well, in reality after that movie I went to sneak into Transformers Age of Extinction…. F(BEEP)KING TERRIBLE F(BEEP)KING MOVIE!!!!!! No seriously, that movie is just Bad Bad BAD, boring as shit, characters you don’t give a shit about, even transformers themselves you don’t give a shit about its just BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, OH MY GOD action scene after action scene after action scene, GODDAMN ITS SO BORING!!!!! This movie managed to be more boring than Man Of Steel, and that movie was bad too. nuh uh, I walked out of there after like what? 30 minutes. And people walked out with me too; seriously people are walking out of this movie because it’s just Michael Bay Bullshit.

But after that I snuck into HTTYD 2, and stayed, and here’s what I have to say about it.

How to train your dragon 2? Nah… more like How to make a good sequel! This movie is your textbook on animated sequels.


Few months ago Disney came out with Frozen. And we all know that movie was only an okay movie, but by no means a great one. If you want to see me explain myself a little bit more, click…


But continuing on, like I said, Disney comes out with Frozen… DreamWorks however, comes out with a far superior movie How To Train Your Dragon 2, and boy I tell you, this is as good, if not a little bit better than the original. You know what, I’m going to go ahead and say it, but I would call this movie the “Godfather Part II” of DreamWorks animated movies.

Yeah I went there. As we all know The Godfather Part 2 is considered by the entire world to be the greatest sequel ever made. And I agree, no other sequels have come close to the godfather part two. It is however, the very first sequel to win Best Picture and one of only two sequels ever to win best picture, The second one being “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.”

How To Train Your Dragon 2, is by far the best sequel DreamWorks Animation has come up with, yes even better than Shrek 2, which is why I am calling it the “Godfather Part 2 of DreamWorks Animation” Am I gonna call it the “Godfather Part two of animation in general?” Well… there is still Toy Story 2, and Pixar is on a whole other level so I possibly wouldn't give HTTYD2 that title, But for only DreamWorks Animation? Yes.

This movie has some new things in it, that is new dragons and characters that is, and a great transformation of the characters. But the most amazing one is Hiccup. Watch as this scrawny little kid you know and love, transform into a hot guy for the ladies. (no I’m not gay)

Getting Fan girls, DreamWorks is doing it right ;).  

Looks like Jack’s got some competition. He has a problem though, his movie was a failure.

Alright let’s get the actual review started.

First off let’s look at the story.

It all starts off with a little game of dragon racing. We have exposition by narration (again) with Hiccup updating us to the situation at the small island town of Burk. The story takes place five years later from the events of the first film. And everything seems to be interesting as we are given a tour, rather fun tour that is, through Burk. Everything has been upgraded to all you can eat buffets. I’m getting kind of hungry now.

Again, like in the first movie, this is a very well thought out process of letting the audience know of the current situation here at burk, and from the looks of it is a happy situation. People are having fun a sh[beep]t. And we see the main kid characters from the first movie playing the dragon racing game. From this we can see that the two boys, Snotlout played by Jonah Hill, and Fishlegs played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, are going after the only available girl in the group, Ruffnut, played by Kristen Wiig. But she is not having any of that. XD

With this, we are getting to know the older versions of the characters, we’ve seen that they’ve matured a little…… well… on the outside.

The Twins are still ridiculously stupid like they were in the first movie, as well as the other boys, and normally that would be a problem. If you have a sequel with the same characters, you’d normally want to do something different with them, or go a different route, but at the same time, it could also ruin the characters if it’s not well executed. So DreamWorks decided to stay the same route, and that works too so to keep the comedy in it, for young kids that is.

We are also given the hint that Astrid’s relationship with Hiccup has developed along these years. You can see that with the HTTYD tv series. I’ve not seen that, nor plan to.

Astrid scores the black sheep in the goal and now…….

We are going into another flight scene between the now mature Hiccup, and his equally matured Toothless.

Again… the flight scene is incredible and I was enjoying it, in regular 2D. Okay before you guys or girls say “you should’ve watched it in 3d, its like so amazing.” Know this, the only movies that are TRULY meant for 3d, is Gravity and Avatar, and those NASA documentaries filmed in Imax. Take “IMAX Hubble 3D” about the very last mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. Things like that are meant for 3D. I’m not spending extra money for a cartoon.

As for the movie, the flight scene in this movie sort of reminded me of “Top Gun” but instead of a hot guy flying a sweet as jet, a hot guy is flying a dragon.

I mean, Imagine this scene mixed with Danger Zone:

(mute this one)



Or you know what? You guys can keep those, Imma go fly me a P-51 MUSTANG!!!!!!!

HELL F[BEEP]KING YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:sing: Highway to the Danger Zone

:sing: Ride into the Danger Zone


If you kind of think about it, Hiccup and Toothless went into a danger zone, because he was about to crash into a towering rock.

Toothless saves him though and then Hiccup finally takes of his mask (fangirls cheering) Oh shut up.

This scene is one of the movies strongest parts. Again we seen the friendship between these two, as the scene progresses on. I can’t get enough of toothless facial expression though, they seem so human even though he’s a animal but it works because its pretty funny. Hiccups says “looks like we found another one.”

Toothless: Seriously?

Anyways the two engage in a playfull wrestling match, like any guys would do. Then Astrid comes in after Hiccup has fixed up a map to add an additional landmark.

And this is where the character development here is at its peak, at least between these two. If you look at them, you’ll obviously notice how very human they are. They’re having a good conversation like normal people at least I think, would. Hiccup starts impersonating his dad by mimicking his Scottish accent. Then Astrid starts making fun of him. This scene is very well handled, it was fun listening to these people talk, and I feel more comfortable to call them people, because that’s how they act, like real people. Animation has, or been having, the potential to make animated characters seem like live action characters, and this is one of the best examples of that. Oh and we see the dragons playing around, and even that is fantastically done. It shows them what they really are, animals.

Moving on, they talk about Hiccup becoming a chief, and his father is gonna give him a hard time. Then I’m like, are you kidding me? is this movie seriously going to go that route where the parent is putting so much pressure on the child, and the child doesn’t want that responsibility and BLAH BLAH BLAH? Well we’ll get to that later.

Now we’ve moved to a scene where they’ve discovered a giant ice berg covering a fortress of some kind. 

This also introduces us to new characters. One of them named Eret, played by John Snow, AKA Kit Harington.

We now know his character is hostile, and we are given a hint that there is this new enemy named Drogo…… or Billy Drago, or just Drago.

They also hint that their dragons are being stolen from this mysterious dragon rider whom nobody knows who it is…. It’s his mother, how do we know that? Well BECAUSE THE F[BEEP]KING TRAILERS SPOILED IT!!!!

But then we continue back to burk after they had escaped.

And then we’re doing the whole “parent won’t listen to the son cliché.” I swear, the son is trying to tell him something, and his dad doesn’t listen and just keeps trying to teach him how to become a chief, and I was like “are you seriously going through this cliché again? You did this in the last movie.” 

But surprisingly enough, it really didn’t go that much into it.

Then his father really prepares the town for yet another war. And yet again there is the “protagonist knows the mysterious potential bad guy” cliché. And then we’re taken into a flashback and blah blah blah blah blah, he’s the bad guy who can control dragons. Yep, what else is new? Oh yeah, that’s right, absolutely nothing.

It is a good idea though.

Anyways now Hiccup goes back to the ship, Astrid follows, and both surrender and are taken prisoners. AT this point the character has been changed into more of a sarcastic like character, or not really sarcastic, but you guys get what I mean.

He wants to change Drago’s mind about dragons.

Sure enough his dad has to ruin everything, as always the parent has to ruin everything. They discuss whether Hiccup can change his mind, but his father is against it.

Again, the drama here is very well done, the cartoon characters talk like they’re actual people, and by seeing this, the character development works. Hiccup is all about peace, but his father doesn’t think Drago is a man capable of peace. His father is more on the negative side, but realistic as well.

But anyways lets fast forward because we’re taking too long here.

His mother, Valka, played by the Virgin Queen AKA Cate Blanchett, is unsurprisingly revealed (again, F[BEEP] YOU TRAILERS, F[BEEP] YOU!!!)

This part would’ve been surprising if the trailers had not spoiled like almost the entire movie. Seriously, why would you reveal the mysterious rider is his mother in the trailer if you want to make it mysterious? Dumbest move ever!

Now the relationship between Hiccup and his mother is very obvious. The chemistry between these two is very well thought out and executed. She doesn’t just say she’s his mother but the movie actually does the things that makes us feel convinced that these two are mother and son. The things they’re doing together, his mother showing him new things, even on Toothless. And some of the new dragons are amazing, especially the one that Valka rides.

Valka introduces us to The King Of ALL Dragons…… is it Godzilla? Nah, he’s the King of the Monsters in general. Nope it is the Bewilderbeast? Seriously dreamworks, you cannot come up with a cooler name you just have to alternate wildebeest? Ah what the hell this dragon looks awesome. But like I said, introducing is in this world of Dragons is very interesting. Granted it isn’t new in any way shape or form, but Dreamworks is letting their imagination show by giving us  a loving view of dragons instead of a violent view.  And by doing this, the chemistry between the mother and her son is achieved.

Some things are repeated in this movie from the first movie, like Valka drawing on the snow, and Toothless doing the same thing, but his tongue gets stuck on the ice.

Not only is the chemistry developed between these two, but the characters of the dragons are more developed as well. Cloudjumper especially. In a world where humans and dragons are enemies, this dragon is actually more intelligent than what the Vikings give them credit for, and it shows it.

See showing it is what makes this movie so beautiful. The facial expressions on even the animals count so much, and this would be a movie that can showcase animation as more than just a genre, nowadays Animation is only considered a genre because of bad  movies, and especially last year. 2013 was the worst year for animation, the best movie were Despicable Me 2, and The Wind Rises (however it is considered a 2014 film, but it came out in 2013 in Japan, GREAT movie) all other movies are just okay, Frozen was WAY overhyped, people say “ah its new, it’s so great.” I saw how rushed that movie was, and how underdeveloped their characters were, and I’m like “really? You guys thought this was a great movie?”

Anyways back to HTTYD2

Now Eret has taken the gang to see Drago. Oh by the way


Astrid: Never take a Toy from a dragon. Don’t you know anything.


You know nothing John Snow.


Sorry had to make a Game Of Thrones reference there.


Anyways, the ships in this scene is amazing, but that’s not why I’m here, we finally get to see the ominous, and possibly one of DreamWorks’ best villains Drago, voiced by Djimon Hounsou. Wait a minute, this guy? Hell yeah I liked him in Gladiator, and Blood Diamond, he’s an awesome and underrated actor.

We immediately see what this guy is capable of by scaring the supposedly the second most feared dragon of the first movie, Nightmare.

This is a key point in this movie, a villain has to be revealed, and then I could say there is possibly few character development in his character, however, this movie did it in a way where he seemed developed enough. He wants to be the only one to challenge the dragon master, and he wants to show the world that he can do whatever he wants where ever he wants and Burk, as well as Hiccup is powerless to stop him. I kind of have a problem with his motives though, But we’ll get to that later.

But now Stoick is back and finally he is reunited with his wife after all these years, and I tell you, the chemistry between these characters are again, very well developed and its not rushed too.  I like the first time he saw her, she was saying “say something! Yell at me, do something!” “You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.”

But there is one thing I have a problem with in this scene: “this is why I never married” Okay really? We’re having an emotional family reunion and you’re gonna ruin it by adding that?!!? Okay comedy in a serious scene sometimes worked, it sort of worked in the last scene, but in this scene? No! It doesn’t work, we’re too invest in the couples reunion right now. Eh at least it was only quick.

But anyways “You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.” The voice acting in that was great, he felt emotional, so that means the cartoon feels emotional even though it’s a cartoon, but then we go to Valka’s face, her eyes, her expressions it’s so brilliantly animated and executed.

Then we have a scene that is again pretty well executed. The gang and eret are about to be tossed into freezing cold waters. And this scene was funny, especially with Ruffnut “oh yeah, get him you son of eret!” “Oh no just keep doing what you’re doing.”


But lets continue on to a scene that has shown Dreamworks is not afraid to get more serious. The First full scale battle scene. Now lets get into technical stuff, the animation is once again brilliant, the flight scenes is fun and amazing to watch, the fire effects are amazing as well, and somewhat realistic, you can tell its animated but it looks so great.

And it looks like Drago brought a challenger, Bewilderbeast’s nemesis. And I tell you once again, the CGI is brilliant, it makes these monsters look so big and heavy.

Now we continue, the Bewilderbeast has fallen, his nemesis the new Alfa, and Drago has won for now.


Easily the most demonic, and ominous scene in the movie, and I LOVE IT.

Why do I love it?

Well this shows the full dark side of Drago, and I love this guy just for this scene.

Hiccup is reduced to a peace lover, whilst Drago wouldn’t want to hear any of it. But there is one thing I didn’t like about this scene:

Hiccup: The world wants peace.

DAMMIT ALL is this movie doing that “War, bad. Peace, good” bullshit message again? (I know this sounds very negative and ugly of me but I’ll explain it later.)

Hiccup wants to show him there is a different more peaceful way of dealing with dragons instead of becoming a tyrant. But the way Drago counters his deal, is amazing. He bellows and gets the dragons including the Alpha around him. “he who controls the Alpha, controls them all.”

After he said that, we see that the new Alpha has an ominous way of controlling them, he looks at toothless and by that facial expression we see him starting to possess toothless, who tries to shake it off, but he is no match for the New Alpha’s mind controlling powers. And possessed toothless is again ominous, his face frightening to look at, and when the Alpha was making him attack Hiccup, that face he was making was again ominous and it was so convincingly a frightening moment. Toothless was about to kill his rider, but Hiccups father Stoick sacrificed himself for his son.

After I saw this, I was thinking “BRILLIANT, F[BEEP]KING BRILLIANT!!!!”

Finally an animated movie that is not afraid to go beyond the limit of just being a kids movie like EVERYONE including Disney is afraid of doing. DreamWorks has earned everyone’s including my respects for this scene alone. It is ambitious and brave.

Then we go to a somewhat emotional scene where they set Hiccups deceased father on fire, putting placing him on a ship. Where in the hell did they get the ship by the way? Was the enemy just nice enough to lend them a ship so that they can have their ceremony? Ah whatever.

Then there was this one scene where they were flying babies, it’s a somewhat comedic scene.

Hiccup: Get toothless back, and kick Drago’s—


Oh and by the way

Hiccup: They’re babies, they don’t listen to anyone.

I call bullsh[beep] on that because immediately in the next scene we see baby dragons coming under control of the Alpha.

But anyways let’s fast forward to the final fight scene. The part where Hiccup breaks Toothless from the Alpha’s control is again superb animation of a human emotion.

Then we’re taken into another fight scene with the Alpha that somewhat ends in a temporary defeat. The Alpha covers both Hiccup and Toothless in ice, and all hope seems lost, but then something happens! Toothless becomes……. Godzilla?

Really DreamWorks? You’re ripping off Godzilla by having Toothless’ spine glowing like that?

Ah well at least this scene was pretty good, but his spine glowing like that, reminded me too much of Godzilla that it got sort of distracting. But still, it’s an amazing scene and conclusion.

In the end the good guys win, Toothless who just went Godzilla has now become the new Alpha dragon, and Hiccup is now the chief of Burk.




In the end, this movie does almost everything, if not everything a sequel should do. Instead of looking at the same people, here we’re looking at different people even though they’re the same characters as in the last movie. Well, that might be over stating it a bit because the other characters are pretty much the same.

And this movie seems to be repeating some cliché’s but in a way alternating them a bit, not necessarily alternating per say, but not fully following them. Like the time where Hiccup is trying to explain to his dad that won’t listen but then it turns around and engages in something else.

The animation in not only the action scenes are great, but their facial expressions a superb. Better than Frozen actually. Look at Valka’s face when she heard her husband said “you’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.” And look at Stoick’s face when he saw her for the first time. Look at Hiccups face when he sees his parents getting along singing a song. It is so brilliant, you know these are cartoons but they behave more like humans.

The tragic parts, are indeed tragic. What happened to Stoick was a calamity, and the fact that it was friendly fire made it all the more tragic. But this part is what made me respect DreamWorks more than Disney, because Disney nowadays is a little bit too afraid to get dramatic with their movies. DreamWorks shows they have no fear in just keeping it a kid’s movie. Granted in the Frozen movie the parents died, but in some cases that’s a good thing because the parents were stupid, and they had little screen time for us to care about them. I know that sounds completely villainous of me, but that appears to be the truth behind it all. If you wanna hear me explain my thoughts in my Frozen review, click here:


Anyways, here, the parents are very well developed, and that scene where they were singing the song was absolutely fantastic, I can’t praise that enough.

How To Train Your Dragon 2, along with The Wind Rises, are both the best animated movies of the past two years, HTTYD2 being the best of this year so far (though I haven’t seen “The Lego Movie” but I’ve heard nothing but praises for it, so I’m gonna have to check it out)… and TWR being the best of 2013 (yes I know Frozen won the Academy Award, but so did “The Greatest Show On Earth”, which won best picture, and that was a bad movie compared to others of that year. Frozen is a good movie but by no means a great Disney movie and by no means the greatest animated movie of 2013. “Um excuse me it made over a billion dollars, and out grossed Toy Story 3.”

Yeah, so did Transformers 3, and that is a BAD movie, though slightly better than the second one.

Difference between Frozen, and Toy Story 3, is that TS3 actually deserves those billions because it is an intelligent movie, even for adults it’s smart. Frozen is basically a typical “princess on an adventure” movie that features recycled stories, with only two twists, one of them is completely stupid, the other is more logical but again not really new even for Disney.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is the best animated movie of this year by far, and better than anything Disney has come up with in the past two years. “Um, Wreck-it-Ralph?” Oh yeah that Toy Story copy but with video games? Though I have to admit it was pretty entertaining. HTTYD 2 is also better than Rise of the Guardians, and way better than The Croods.

Overall, this is a great animated movie, and yes I am still calling it the “Godfather Part 2” of Dreamworks animation, easily the best sequel they’ve come up with, though I still don’t think it’s the “Godfather Part 2 of animation in general.” Like I said before: There is still Toy Story 2.

Is HTTYD2 the greatest sequel in general for movies of this year 2014?

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes…. Nope, it is not.


How To Train Your Dragon 2 people.




Now for that little “dammit all” part about Hiccup’s statement on the world wanting peace.

Now I’m going to have to look back on some of the messages it’s been trying to give. For Example that “War: bad. Peace: good.” Message it’s been trying to give. Hiccup states “The world wants peace” and we’re going to have to look at that as a reality message, and nope… the world doesn’t want peace Hiccup. Only a few citizens in America, as well as Europe want peace, and we’re supposed to treat this as a good thing and war as a completely bad thing. However the Truth is, the world needs wars. We need it because it’s what makes us human, and war has always been part of our existence. It is a normalcy for our entire race, to live in a world without war, it wouldn’t be normal. People themselves need wars because it makes them feel alive.

We need wars in order for later generations to understand peace; we need it to understand what it’s like to have something like a Holocaust in our lifetime. We did have that. “The Jewish Holocaust” But I could also say that it was for our earlier generation, but their war is over. The war for our younger generation has yet to come. 

Wars also inspire us to understand what it’s like to be human. There are a number of stories that occurred in WW2 that you do not know about. For Example: The Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler incident. It’s a story of a B-17 flying fortress that has taken a huge beating, with all of its crew injured, and one of them dead. A Nazi BF-109 pilot named Franz Stigler was ordered to shoot it down, but when he saw some of the injured and frightened men through the heavily damaged B-17, he could not do it. For him it was like trying to shoot at someone in a parachute. Instead, he escorts the B-17 out of Germany and the B-17 and her nine airmen made it home. See Wars create inspiring stories that teaches us about ourselves. We need wars as much as we need other things such as paintings or theatre so that we can better understand ourselves and what it’s like to be human, and what it’s like to have peace.

“War, what is it good for?” Not “absolutely nothing.” In reality war is good for more than you know.

Think back in time during World War 2. Before America joined the war, we were still in a state of great depression. However when the attack on Pearl Harbor came, EVERYONE volunteered for the Military, and we had more than 25 million soldiers a third of the country, plus the war effort created MILLIONS of new jobs for suffering people and even the homeless. Our industries made more money than they ever did when America was neutral. You see? War is good for a lot more than you think. And it’s almost a guaranteed fact that if America had entered another war, then it would put us back on top. And if you kind of think about it, as ugly and ominous this might sound of me, America does need another war.

“But we’re already in a war, the war in Afghanistan.” Oh please, that’s hardly a war. Those people have been trying to kill each other off for the past 2000 years, why not let them? But then we’d be hated for not helping them.... okay then let’s send our troops to liberate them. But wait, they hate us even for helping them. Oh what’s the fucking use? If we withdraw our troops we’d be hated for it, but even when helping them, they still don’t appreciate us… you know what? Fuck it. Let them kill each other off, I’d rather be hated for not helping them than to be hated for trying to help them and having our men and women die for nothing.


Box Office:

This movie is not really doing so good box office wise. Well that's a bit of an overstatement it is doing good but not as good as it should've been doing.

It didn't gross as much as its predecessor however it did surpass its budget.

Still I think it would somewhat be safe to call this movie somewhat "underrated"

But anyways:

You saw my score what did you guys think, leave your comments below and have a nice day. :)

Watch this Vid and laugh your ass off. :-D

Cinemasins finally does an animated movie. Their first one, Frozen. Hopefully they'll do Tangled next.

Reference parts:

The movie "Cadence"? Oh shit it is Cadence. I used to love Sam Cooke's song.


HAHA Seinfeld!!!!

That sounds like a Monty Python movie.

Never heard this song.

:sing: you're as cold as ice, you're willing to sacrifice out love :sing:

The Simpsons?

The Simpsons again?

Don't think I've heard this song either.

OH SHIT Elsa's that evil Nazi b(beep)ch from Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade. She's blond too in that one. I still prefer her way of saying goodbye :)

Ah Katy Perry you f(beep)king annoying whore.

:sing: ba da da da daaaaaa, baa baa baa, ba da da da daaaaa, SUPERMAN!!!!! :sing:


huh? "I'm okay?"

:sing:Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul:sing:


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